Water is the fundamental need for all humans, no one can survive even a single day without water. Our body needs water for all of its functions and day to day activities. Water is required for elimination of toxins from the body, for digestion of food, to nourish the body and build the immune system. But if the water is not pure and if it is contaminated, then the consumer is at increased health risk. A water purifying system is an apt system to purify impure water at both large and small scale.

A water purifying system helps to convert impure water into pure water. More than 70% of the world population use water filter machine to protect from different waterborne diseases. Almost all businesses and commercial places have commercial water softeners installed at their place. A number of water-borne diseases happen due to the presence of pollutants in water and due to the contamination of regular water. A number of deaths occur every year because of drinking impure water. A water purifying system helps to kill microorganism and eliminates all potential pollutants from regular water making it ideal to drink.

Health Benefits of drinking treated water:

  • Drinking water is a smart and healthy decision but it should be pure and free of contaminants. Reverse osmosis helps in drinking pure and refreshing water right from the comforts of one’s home. Apart from guarantying pure drinking water, it also offers a number of health benefits as well.
  • RO systems remove contaminants from the water: The special membranes of the RO system drastically remove all unwanted contaminants in regular water. The special membranes filter out heavy metals and microscopic organisms from water.
  • RO reduces sodium from soft water: Water softeners are designed to remove hard minerals from the water and solves hard water problems. Water softeners make the water ideal for bathing, cleaning, and laundry.
  • Eliminates the need for buying bottled water: People who do not like the taste of their tap water keep buying bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes. But bottled water is expensive and those plastic cans create a lot of non-recyclable waste as well. A reverse osmosis system by Aqua fresh or Aqua guard helps to reduce the cost of drinking water and offers the purest and tasty drinking water.
  • Water tastes delicious: Aqua fresh service centers are spread across the country and they will enable the people to drink tasty and satisfying water within hours. They are quick to install and render excellent water service post installation as well. Apart from filtering waters, it also sends water through the three carbon filters before it comes out of the tap.

Easy installation of RO systems in India:

There are a number of RO service centers in the country for easy and fast installation of home water filtering units. Installation takes only minutes with immediate response from the concerned agents. For proper functioning of the RO units, it is important to install them properly. Proper installation ensures the smooth operation of the RO units. A well-trained service engineer from a reputed water installation service will help with domestic water purifier installation. RO care centers in India have a team of professional water purifier service engineers who guarantee satisfactory work at an affordable installation charge. By taking help of these service engineers, it is possible to install RO purifiers in one’s own place and enjoy safe drinking water. Most of the agencies have their service centers spread all over the country for the fast and prompt installation and service.

The RO service centers are for aqua fresh is available in all metro and non-metro cities of the country. They also offer contact for their customers through Aquafresh toll free number that is accessible 24/7 by the customers. It is thus possible to contact the service center that is close to one’s residence. The associates who answer the calls for installation and servicing are friendly and helpful with all types of queries regarding water purifiers. The agents are multi-lingual an are able to talk in the native language of the customers to solve their queries.

Benefits of service centers and customer care service for the RO system:

There are different brands of water purifiers available in the country. The selection of water purifiers is thus a little difficult and demands expert advice and guidance so as to not waste money on poor purifiers. Some dedicated water purifying service centers help with expert advice for people in choosing their filtering system apart from installation and post installations services. Their toll-free numbers are accessible round the clock to offer the help that people need. Following are the benefits of these RO service centers.

  • They help in choosing the water purifying system based on the water source of the consumer.
  • They help in choosing a system based on the types and the number of contaminants present in the consumer’s area
  • There are different types of water purification systems, some have only RO, some have RO+UV (reverse osmosis + ultraviolet filtration technology). While RO removes dissolved impurities, UV helps with microbial filtration. A dedicated customer service agent helps his clients make an informed decision on the type of purification they desire.
  • Budget is the most important aspect that decides the buying decision. A customer service agent guides the consumer in choosing a filtration system based on their budget and its constraints.
  • There are different brands of water purifiers available in the market and the customer service agent helps its client make an informed decision about the purifying system he is interested in.
  • Along with product information, delivery and installation of the purifier these service centers render Annual Maintenance Contracts as well. This is a cost-effective way of regular maintenance and repair services of the water purifier.
  • A purifier is a delicate instrument, it needs an expert hand in its maintenance and repair services owing to its complex spare parts. They can also get damaged easily if they are handled by untrained hands. Hence specialist service engineers are mandated to handle the system.


Drinking pure and safe water is the right of all citizens, a water purifying system helps with the continuous supply of pure and treated water for drinking. The RO service companies help the people in choosing the best of purifiers along with their delivery and installation.

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