Putin honors Steven Seagal and awards him the Medal of Friendship

Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal in Moscow

On Monday, Vladimir Putin bestowed an impressive accolade on American actor Steven Seagal: a prestigious award in recognition of his enthusiastic backing for the Russian president’s military operation in Ukraine over recent years. Seagal, who was once Hollywood royalty, has been vocal about his loyalty to Putin and this honour is a testament to that long-standing allegiance.

Vladimir Putin has officially awarded the esteemed Medal of Friendship to a renowned actor, in recognition of their immense contribution towards global cultural and humanitarian collaboration. This distinguished honour was revealed by an official document disclosed on the state’s legal affairs website, reported AFP.

Get close to many leaders in the world

It is remarkable that Seagal, aged 70 and a master of martial arts, has been one of the most prominent figures in American cinema throughout the eighties and nineties.

As his light dimmed in the cinematic world, the Michigan-born actor gradually gravitated toward several political leaders worldwide, particularly Vladimir Putin.

Russian passport

In 2016, he held both his American and Russian citizenship after obtaining a passport from Putin. Since then, Robert has been living in Russia until 2021 when he joined an ultra-nationalist organization.

Last summer, Seagal ventured to eastern Ukraine to meet with pro-Russian separatist leader Denis Pushlin and express his backing.

Subsequently, he journeyed to Olynivka penitentiary close to Donetsk, where last summer a fatal explosion targeted the facility and killed numerous Ukrainian inmates.

Video in support of Putin

For Putin’s 70th birthday in October, Seagal sent a resounding video of encouragement, hailing the Russian president as “one of the greatest leaders on earth.”

With a sincere heart, I earnestly hope and pray that he will find the support, love and respect needed to make it through these trying times. May we soon live in a world of peace.

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