Qualities to Look for When Hiring Orthodontic Assistants for Your Business

Qualities to Look for When Hiring Orthodontic Assistants

Hiring the best orthodontic assistants for your dental business is vital to the success of your practice. As with any job, assessing a candidate’s qualifications and experience is essential when hiring an orthodontic assistant. Here are a few qualities to look for that can help you decide if an individual is right for your business.

First, Conduct an In-Person Interview

About 60% of recruiters value how a potential employee might fit in with the company’s culture above all other prerequisites. It’s best to conduct an in-person interview to better understand a person’s ability to fit in with the company culture. An in-person interview gives you a better feel for your future assistant and allows your assistant to ask questions and learn more about your business. For instance, you can ask your assistant about their experience working in the dental industry, and they can ask about the type of environment and expectations you have of your staff.

Experience With Dental Software

An important quality to look for when finding the right orthodontic assistant is someone who has experience using dental software. Your future assistant should know all the necessary programs in your practice, such as electronic health records and imaging programs. Additionally, they should know how to use customer relationship management (CRM) software that can help them track patient data and billing information.

Experience With Dental Procedures

When interviewing potential orthodontic assistants, you’ll want to ask about their experience with dental procedures. Orthodontic work requires hands-on experience with braces, retainers, and other treatment devices. You should also find out if they have any experience assisting patients with specific services, such as teeth whitening or aligner therapy. Your orthodontic assistant must know the different procedures used in a dental practice setting to provide quality patient care.

Properly Licensed

All orthodontic assistants must be licensed by the state in which they practice. Before you hire an assistant, make sure to verify their credentials. You should also check that they have completed any continuing education courses required for orthodontic work. Checking for certificates will ensure your patients are provided with quality care and help you avoid legal issues. If you’re looking for the best assistants, check out the dental assistant school in Arizona.

Attention to Detail

Orthodontic assistants must be detail-oriented individuals to perform their job duties correctly. An eye for detail will allow them to identify any problems or discrepancies during patient visits. Additionally, they should understand the dental terminology dentists and orthodontists use to record and file patient information accurately. This attention to detail will help ensure that all procedures are performed correctly and efficiently so that your patients receive the best possible care.

Organizational Skills

A quality dental assistant should be organized, efficient, and capable of keeping accurate records. Being organized is critical in a dental practice and will help your assistant prioritize patients, manage their time effectively, and keep track of appointments. Consider that almost 30% of Americans say a person’s teeth are the first thing they notice about their face. It’s essential to keep up with patients’ needs, customer satisfaction, and day-to-day operations. The only way to do so is to have a well-organized staff.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Good interpersonal communication skills are essential for any employee, especially in the dental industry. This is because your assistants will need to deal with both adults and children since it’s best to start orthodontic treatment at age seven. Communicating with patients and parents effectively and having a friendly attitude are also vital. Your assistants might need to explain procedures, answer questions, and advise on proper dental hygiene. The ability to communicate effectively will make the patient experience much more pleasant.

These are just a few qualities you should consider when hiring orthodontic assistants for your business. With the right staff, you can rest assured that your business will run smoothly and efficiently. By assessing potential candidates properly, you can ensure that you find the best fit for your practice and provide excellent customer care. If you need help with your business, call us today!