Over the course of history, man has come up with many ideas on how to tell time. This has been translated into watches that you can easily wear around your wrist.

Now, a watch is a status symbol in its own right. Luxury watches are a combination of craft, art, and functionality. They are great timepieces that are made with a lot of consideration and attention to detail. They’re a great buy, but…they can get pretty expensive.

This is why you must do your due diligence when buying luxury watches. Buyer’s remorse can cost you a pretty penny in this arena. To avoid that, here are some questions you should ask before making your purchase.

1. What is My Budget?

Of course, this is your first question. It is always advisable to have a cost in mind. Do your research prior to running to a dealer. The internet is amazing because you can look around for luxury watches within your price range and go into the dealers with some background information.

This way you can easily ask the dealer for specific brands and makes that you know you like and you can get the feel of the watch before you pay up.

2. Where Will I Buy My Watch?

Where you buy is as important as what you buy. There are many fake watch dealers who are pretending to be the gurus in the market. Again, do your due diligence. Ask around for great reputable dealers or read reviews from people who bought the product. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t get a bad deal from an unreliable dealer.

3. Is the Movement Automatic, Manual or Quartz?

If you are a collector, then you probably know the different watch movements and the changes that have happened over the decades. Luxury watches have different costs because of the different movements that they have.

If you ask your dealer about this, chances are they will know a thing or two. At least most reputable dealers should. Buy based on your own preference as not all movements appeal to all people.

4. Should I Get a Second-Hand Piece?

Expensive is the price tag of some of the most reputable luxury watch brands out there. If your budget does not cover the beauty you’ve been eyeing, guess what, you can totally consider a second-hand piece.

It will give you the same functionality and the same lavish style you were going for at a much lower cost. You can often find incredible watches, like an IWC Aquatimer, in second-hand stores. Ask your dealer if they could have other similar pieces second hand. You might just find something amazing well below the budget you had in mind.

5. What are My Other Options?

Again, if you don’t want to spend a small part of your fortune on a watch but you really need a luxury watch, it is wise to simply ask for what the rest of your options are. There are so many watches that are made to look great, feel great and serve their purpose effectively at a much lower cost.

This means that you should ensure that you look and exhaust all your options before buying if you are looking to save some money. There is always another option you can consider.

6. Where Can I Get It Serviced?

What? Servicing you say? Don’t worry. It is often inexpensive for most cases. But it is paramount that you have this information. Like any other machine, watches need constant servicing to ensure all the cogs are turning great and you do not have a false time shown on your expensive watch.

When buying your watch, inquire about how you can get it checked out. Ensure you are aware of how to get it repaired because you really don’t want to spend your money on an item that will only lay around unused.

7. Is There a Warranty?

Since this is a machine as we mentioned earlier, it is only right that you get a warranty to guarantee that the item will be fixed if it comes out of the box malfunctioning in some way.

It happens, and it is almost always the fault of the manufacturer, not you. Ensure you have the information on how to ensure the watch has a warranty and how to and make sure you know how to go about repairing or replacing it.

8. Should I Consider Vintage?

This is, we believe, the holy grail of luxury timepieces. Vintage pieces with years of history and tons of character. Why just wear a watch if you can wear a piece of history?

If you are fascinated by the brilliance of mankind across years as well as the stories that make up the essence of your existence, ask to see some of the older vintage pieces and get the great history that they carry.

You will be surprised by how lovely they look and you might just get yourself a great deal and a fantastic conversation starter for the rest of your life. So this is another question that you should absolutely consider asking.

Ready to Start Buying Luxury Watches?

Overall, the process of buying luxury watches should not be a stressful one. If you do your research, find a great and reliable seller, and go equipped with data, you will not walk away empty handed. There is always a little gem for every unique individual on the market.

If you need help with other purchasing decisions or would like more information and advice on general life skills, be sure to check out the How-To section of our website! We’ve got all the information you need to be a happy, healthy, functioning adult in the 21st century.