The real estate industry is booming now. Especially after the tough phase of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this industry has started to rise again with all its glory. 

Real estate is all about handling the clients, scheduling meetings, and staying in touch with them. So, CRM software is indeed needed here. A tool can make your task of handling clients a lot easier. 

Are you looking for such a tool?

Your searches are going to end here. Here, in this article, we will offer you some suggestions you can go for. 

Best CRM Software You Can Use For Your Real Estate Business

Now, let’s have a look at all the suggestions we have to offer you. All the real estate CRM software or tools are really great at what they are designed for. Still, when it comes to businesses and tools. 

1. Unlatch

Unlatch is a collaborative platform that allows residential real estate professionals to work together. It is real estate development software. Indeed they offer as a solution a real estate CRM. It comes with two different solutions, one is for property developers, and another one is solely for agency brokers. 

Along with offering a complete solution to customer relationship management, Unlatch, one of the best real estate CRM also includes a sales agent portal, digitisation of property sales, tracking of property sales, customer portal, and last but not least, business intelligence.

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM software that is particularly designed for the real estate industry in the UK. This CRM tool is completely equipped for contact, transaction management, marketing, scheduling, and unlimited in-software document storage. 

The contact management features that you will get here are simple and intuitive. Every communication is logged here with date and time stamps. With Google, they can sync their entire contact and manage leads on the go through their mobile. 

3. Insightly

In case you have just started into real estate and right now going small, Insightly will be the best suit for you. Due to the integrated project management or PM feature, mobile application, and social CRM, this tool has gained so much popularity. 

When it comes to recording and managing contacts, Insightly provides you with a huge package of tools. It also covers all those related tasks, such as signing events, follow-ups, etc. 

Here, you can perform an intuitive, quick search for all your contacts, share custom files after creating them, with web forms creating contacts, and lastly, get automotive notifications. 

4. Salesforce

This is a powerful real estate CRM software built on the Salesforce Platform. It provides residential and commercial realtors, and property developers access to all industry-specific tools. 

Real estate and brokerage experts are the power behind developing this software. It allows them to manage relationships throughout the whole journey, from showing the property to closing a deal. 

5. Pipedrive

The sales-focused pipeline that Pipedrive has is responsible for making it truly attractive for a lot of real estate agencies. This comes with innovative visualizations and pipeline tools for tracking the entire selling process in the best possible way. 

This is a cloud-based platform that is intuitive and really easy to customize. The best part is that you can easily customize it with reports, dashboards, custom information capture fields, and filters. In addition, it shows contacts and properties from different phases of the sales process.

Get The Best One!

Managing a real estate business is no easy task. You need to handle a long list of properties, and an expansive portfolio, and managing different clients can feel overwhelming. That’s where real estate CRM comes into the frame. 

Real estate CRM software can help agents to manage multiple clients simultaneously. After looking at dozens of real estate CRM software, we handpicked this software. 

You can choose anyone from the list that we have provided here. We know it is really challenging to pick one without knowing it well. So, for the starting, you can use all these, and then continue using the one which suits you the best.