Today, there are so many interesting ways people can choose to communicate with others, including using instant messaging. RealPopup is a messaging website that provides an instant messaging tool to users so that they can communicate easily and in more interesting ways.

About RealPopup messaging application

RealPopup is LAN chat software that provides a messaging tool with more features to allow users enjoy a simpler and more stable connectivity than other messaging tools available now. It is an upgrade of the WinPop that was released before. If compared to its predecessor, RealPopup is more stable and faster. This chat tool complies with various system messenger services such as Vista, Windows XP, Win 2000, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Mac OS X10.7 since the device can be integrated easily with the LAN environment. In addition, the message tool from RealPopup comes with various interesting features such as popups, chat and file transfer, system tray, message broadcasting, names auto-creating, options for groups and users, and much more. There will be different languages provided, including English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and more. The messaging software is also easy to install. If you feel like uninstalling the application, you can do that through the Add and Remove control panel applet.

The Differences Between Internet Instant Messengers and LAN Messengers

Unlike the predecessor, which is created to make it possible for you to communicate with people anytime and anywhere since it works using the internet, RealPopup LAN chat works differently. This small chat tool is designed to allow you communicate with friends simply through your local network. However, unlike internet instant messengers, RealPopup does not require any set up of network or internet connection. Moreover, an application server will not be needed since all you need to do is just install the software on your PC. You can enjoy instant chats immediately the application has been successfully installed. The nicest thing about using this messaging application is that it can send your messages faster. This is possible due to the absence of interruptions and internet lags that can affect your local network communications. The RealPopup IM app can replace the old versions of the messenger system that rely on the internet.

The Benefits of Installing the Messaging Software for Communication

Due to the performance of LAN messengers, which do not need internet connectivity to work, the RealPopup can be very beneficial to you in many ways.

  •    All of the conversations are perfectly secured using AES encryption algorithm.
  •    There is remote assistance that can be used for desktop sharing.
  •    All connected groups and users will be given broadcast notifications.
  •    The application will work on the WAN and LAN, which allows instant communication without the need for an internet connection.
  •    With the software, you can message and chat with other users on your local network.
  •    It supports Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Service environment.

The Features of the Software

There are some main features of the RealPopup LAN chat that can give you a different experience when it comes to messaging. These features include:

  1.    The Chat Window

The application makes it possible for you to track the history of your messaging. It also comes with various network setting options, system-wide hotkeys, and customizable fonts. The administrative settings of the software also enables you to allow or disallow sending of messages to users in a group. Whenever you get a message from other users, a popup message will flash and notify you.

  1.    Group Operations

There is a unique feature provided by the software that is advantageous not only to the users but also to the groups. The option can be seen on the dedicated menu. The feature will make it possible for you to delete or rename a group, send message, and add users to certain groups.

  1.    Files Transfer

With this feature, you can transfer a file while you are having a conversation with other users. It can be done by dropping the file onto the message dialog. The transfer process is simple and all you need to do is right-click on the username and then select the option “Send Files”.