Instagram and Snapchat both offer you with an option of photo and video sharing, which can captivate your audience and result in more exposure to your business. After the launch of “Instagram Stories,” Instagram has the higher popularity for the promotion of your business. However, there are other methods of increasing your exposure, and that includes other commonly used social media like Twitter and Facebook.

As for increasing the engagement of your Instagram account, you’d need to have followers. However, if you do not have a large number of followers, you can always try out the services of Socialshop. It can also be applied to Facebook engagement and increasing your Twitter followers.

So, now that you know about increasing your follower let’s have a look at the advantages Instagram have over Snapchat when it comes to marketing.

1: Easier To Find Target Audience

In any social medium that you use, your target audience matters the most. So, with Instagram, the ease of finding your target audience is high. Compared to Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t have any way to find out a broad audience. You need to type out the exact username to find people on Snapchat.

2: Larger Audience

Well, since Instagram is a popular application, and a subsidiary of Facebook, they have a broader audience. Compared to Instagram users of 700 million, Snapchat only has 300 million active users. Moreover, Instagram is still growing and with Facebook promoting it, and thus there will be a marked increase in the audience of the Instagram.

However, recently, it has been reported by Snapchat in S-1 that 85% of Snapchat’s daily users are between the ages of 18 – 34. While this might be good for individual marketers who are targeting the young generation, it would be wrong for marketers who are looking for an older age group. Moreover, Snapchat is used as a peer – to – peer messaging app, and unlike Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t have many celebrity profiles. This is why Instagram is a better option when it comes to audience selection and utilization.

3: Profile & Engagement

When it comes to marketing and outreach, the more people you reach, the better your visibility and promotion will be. Instagram allows you to tag people and share your photographs with those who are in the picture. There is also an option of resharing and reacting to the photo, just like you share and react on Facebook. Engagement is always higher on Instagram compared to Snapchat. In Instagram, your profile is public and can be seen by anyone, even if he/she is not your follower. You can change the settings and restrict it to your followers if you want so.

Snapchat, on the other hand, does not have the option of tagging. In fact,  your profile can only be viewed by people who have added you, be it your friends or followers. You send the photo with a description of it, and then the people on your list will be able to see it. There is no option of tagging multiple people and asking them for their views. This is why engagement is always higher on Instagram when compared to Snapchat.

4: Higher Content Quality

Have you seen any Instagram stories? They allow higher video quality compared to Snapchat video stories.  This is not exactly surprising because Snapchat forces you to record a live video and then post it. While this might be good for certain people or professional photographers, it is tough for non – seasoned people, and when your handshakes, the picture becomes blurry. One more problem with Snapchat is that your stories disappear after 24 hours. So, if you were to publish something important and want your viewers to see it, they need to do it within 24 hours.

On the other hand, on Instagram, you can create video stories from previously uploaded pictures and even something from your gallery, which has been pre-recorded with an HD camera. Additionally, Instagram stories, pictures, and videos shared on your profile remains as long as you keep it, or unless they are removed for copyright violations.

5: Better Analytics

You are a marketer, isn’t it? So, any marketing effort that you undertake should be reported and analyzed correctly. This is why Instagram is a better choice compared to Snapchat. When it comes to measuring and tracking the metrics of marketing, Instagram is the only platform that gives you the great return on investment. Instagram also provides business profiles with Instagram Insights, which is an in-app analytics for stories, posts, and ads. Moreover, there are other third-party tools, which can help you gauge the engagement rate for Instagram. Some of the most common ones are Website and Keyhole.

Snapchat, on the other hand, provides you with details like how many views of the stories were received, the number of screenshots and such. However, it doesn’t provide the more essential metrics like the website clicks, followers, reach, impressions and engagement. Snapchat does not have a native analytics option, but you can use popular third-party tools like Analytics for basic metrics of Snapchat. At $19 per month, you’d be able to check the screenshots, the views, and the completion rates.

So, now that you know about the advantages of Instagram over Snapchat regarding marketing, it is time to get started with the marketing. Although you can run paid promotions on both Instagram and Snapchat, if you are looking for a better return on investment, try out Instagram.

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