Getting injured at work is something that happens to hundreds of thousands of people a year.  Although employers may have every intention of keeping them safe, things fall through the cracks, and right precautions aren’t taken in order to keep employees out of harm’s way.

Employees are legally entitled to a safe working environment which makes them feel secure when working in potentially dangerous situations.  However, when injuries occur, they may no longer trust their employer, resulting in a high turnover, and potential fines from OSHA which can prove to be costly.

Here are some of the most common workplace injuries and what you can do to avoid them.

Objects Flying In Their Eye

When employees are working with materials which could potentially go flying in their faces,  it’s essential that the right measures are taken to ensure that they don’t get hurt. An object flying in their eye could potentially lead to serious injury which could negatively impact them for years down the road.

Using protective eyewear and face guards is a good start for protection.  It ensures that anything from chemicals to flying shards of material doesn’t damage an employee’s face.  Failing to provide your employee with these types of equipment will often lead to them getting seriously injured.  Always make sure to read your safety guideline checklist to ensure that you’re up to date with everything you need to stay safe.

Cut Hands

It’s a common occurrence for employees who work with sharp objects or cut materials daily to injure their hands in the process.  All it takes is one wrong move or slip of their grip to lose a finger or even an entire hand.

Workers should be wearing safety gloves which will protect against injuries like this.

Head Injury

When your employees work in an environment which risks things falling from high surfaces onto their head, it’s essential that they wear hard hats.  Any old hard cap isn’t unfortunately enough.  They should be routinely checked to ensure that they are up to safety standards.

The slightest dent or crack could lead to them failing to protect the person who is wearing it.


In some work environments, it’s common for the floor to have open spaces which a person could potentially fall into.  It’s crucial that these spaces are blocked off or protected in order to avoid serious injury to the employees working around it.

In many cases, an employee who falls into a hole or gap doesn’t just seriously injure themselves, but it may even have a tragic end.

Back Strain

Back strain is one of the most common workplace injuries.  When employees lift weight which is too much for them with improper form, they can cause serious damage to their spines.

Always ensure that your employees aren’t lifting over 50lbs at a time without a second person on the job in order to avoid injury.