Are you looking to make your bed/mattress more comfortable, but aren’t prepared to replace it just yet? If you do, investing in a memory foam mattress topper might help.  Outlined below are nine benefits of having a mattress topper.

1. Memory Foam is Comfortable

Memory foam gives your mattress an extra cushioning leaving it more comfortable that it was. This makes it ideal for anyone dealing with back pains or just looking for a relaxing sleep. Take a look at some reviews of a Walmart mattress topper to find the perfect one for you.

2. Plenty of Health Benefits

Your mind, body, and overall health will improve from sleeping on a mattress topper. Memory foam hugs your curves comfortably provides proper support to your lumbar region and keeps your spine well aligned. With the memory foam, you will have fewer joint pains and reduced swelling, as well as improved blood circulation while asleep.  Any pressure on your knees, shoulders, hips, and ankles will be taken care of too.

3. It is Relatively Cheaper

Compared to getting a new mattress, a mattress topper is more affordable. All you need to do is look for the best quality topper for your budget.  Be mindful of the density and low-prices as well; only go for the best.

4. A mattress topper comes in handy if the mattress is in a fairly good condition

A mattress topper should only be used to a functional mattress, and not one with sags, dips, and exposed fillings. The topper won’t solve the inconsistencies, hence not recommended for damaged mattresses.   A new mattress may be your only hope if the existing one is damaged.

While a new mattress might be a significant investment, it doesn’t mean you should go out of your budget just to get one.

5. Durability

A good quality memory foam topper has an excellent lifespan spanning several years. Like everything else, you need to look after the topper properly to earn the extra years. Shopping for a good quality mattress topper is relatively easy. The only crucial factor to consider here is its density.  Higher density memory foam toppers last much longer than low-density ones.  Superior memory foams weigh around 75kg, with medium density ones weighing just above 45kgs.

6. Various Options to Choose From

Mattress toppers come in varying densities and feel. Deeper mattress toppers are often soft on your skin. They come in depths of between 5cm to 10cm.  High-density memory foam is supportive too, one of the factors most shoppers look for.

7. Breathability and Temperature Control

Memory foam has long been known to get quite warm during the night. This isn’t, however, the case anymore thanks to the technology employed today. 4G AirCool Memory Foam Mattress Toppers, for example, release a cooling sensation once pressure is applied. The CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes equipped with a cooling cover to facilitate breathability and temperature control.

8. Mattress Toppers Come in Varying Sizes

You can get a custom mattress topper to fit a specific application. This is particularly helpful for those looking for additional comfort in motor homes, caravans, horseboxes, yachts, and other sleeping spaces not considered standard. All you need is sent the exact measurements of the sleeping space to the manufacturer to have a custom mattress topper. This translates to more comfort even in the most unlikely areas and positions.