It may seem very easy for you to find a proper size bed at first glance. But if you dug deeper, the underlying fact is no. Finding a bed according to your comfort is not so easy. Different types of mattress sizes are available out there. But which one to purchase? The choice also requires your comfort, your right posture of sleeping and many more. You need a proper guideline for this.  You also need to know whether the bed will fit in your room or not. Its comfort level is also a huge issue as size matters. So, here you will get a guideline which will compare the different size of mattresses to give you the best choice.

Full bed mattress and its dimension

This type of bed is perfect for adults. It comes 54’ in width and 75’ in length. This bed is good for single persons, but if you have any partner to sleep with, then you would surely want some more space. This bed is not exactly appropriate for two persons. This kind of bed is also known as “standard double.”

Full double bed mattress

Well, you may be a bit disappointed as the previous bed can’t accommodate two people. But here is a solution for you. This mattress is 54’ in width alongside with 80’ in length. Now you can see the difference, can’t you? It provides an additional 5’ extra space for another person and the mattress is comfortable.

Queen size mattress

The queen mattress size is very comfortable. It provides you with more than enough space. The mattress is 60’ in width and 80’ in length. It is perfect for sleeping with a spouse as well as family. Pet lovers who love to sleep with their pets can also find it very comfy. But space is a significant thing to consider if you want to purchase queen mattress sizes. It takes more space than double mattresses. So if you have a spacious room, then you can go for it.

Olympic queen size mattresses

As you can guess from the name, this mattress is huge.  If you are taller than others, then you can purchase it. The mattress is taller in length than queen mattress size. As a result, you get some extra foot space, and tall persons don’t have to feel congested.

King size mattresses

Just like the queen, the size of king size mattresses is impressive as well. The bed is, and it is advised to purchase if the size of the room is at least 12×12. It is because of the size of the mattress is76’x80’. This bed is perfect for big families. The couple who sleeps with their toddlers or small children, as well as pets, can go for it.

California king size mattresses

Here comes another huge bed. This bed is more comfortable compared to the regular king size mattresses. The mattress is 72’ in length and 84’ in width. You can guess the space by knowing its size. The California king size mattress is more than enough. It is best for big families. Couples with two to three children can easily sleep in it. This bed is also 4 inches larger than king size mattresses. So if you are looking for a huge mattress, then this is for you. The important fact is your room need to be at least 12×12 in size. Otherwise smaller rooms will not be able to accommodate this huge bed, and it will not fit at all


As you’ve already seen, finding a proper mattress size is not very easy. It depends on many facts when we choose the best one for you. Your room size, mattresses size, your height, your comfort and your family members – all of these facts you need to consider before choosing proper size mattress for you. Hope this guideline will help you to know your mattress size.