Reasons Why the World Needs to Switch to Electric Cars

When the first auto vehicle rolled down the streets in 1886, there was very little that humans knew of the effects of fossil fuels on the environment. That was superseded by the excitement of finally putting wheels on the road. That was the biggest turning point for humanity, a path that would lead them to where we are today, at the junction of trying to save what’s left of the environment.

Electric cars are the compromise between maintaining convenience while saving the environment at the same time. The following are reasons why the world needs electric cars now more than ever:

To Save the Environment

Or at least what is left of it. The typical passenger car emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Compound that with the over 1 billion cars that are in existence today and you have yourself a huge problem. The greenhouse effect caused by cars alone has been the biggest cause of all the climatic aberrations we are now experiencing across the globe. Until something is done in regards to fossil fuels then the future is really bleak.

They are Cheaper

This is one of the biggest facts that is usually lost in translation. Electric vehicles cost less than conventional ones, and this includes the cost of having to maintain them in the long run. In a large part, this is down to the reduced costs and time needed to manufacture them; thanks to the full automation of every assembly and cnc machine factory in major car making nations. Once electric cars increase in numbers and usage, their prices will even reduce some more.

They are Quiet

Forget the loud noises that emanate from diesel and petrol engines when you start a car, electric vehicles are silent. We have grown accustomed to hearing the sound of the car whether we are inside the car or outside. This will be a thing of the past with electric vehicles. They run on electric parts that move silently, meaning there will be a reduction in noise pollution too.

You will Stand Out

When something new hits the market, there is usually a lot of skepticism and wariness, people never jump into new things from the start because of the uncertainty of being a pioneer in using something new. It has been the same for electric cars, people are still wary of them until they see how they fare with other people. Therefore, there is a level of respect you earn when you become one of the few people around you who go for an electric car, it makes you stand out more.

They Have Long Ranges

When electric vehicles were making their debut, the stumbling block that was making them less appealing to the masses was their limited range. This is the maximum distance they can travel before needing a recharge. With time, that has become something trivial. There are electric vehicles in the market right now with over 200miles of range in them. With charging stations being set up along highways, there is less fear of your car dying out in the middle of nowhere. 

The Privileges

In an attempt to appeal to more people to switch to electric cars, many establishments around America have special parking spaces for electric vehicles. Thes sports have charging stations which means you bet preferential treatment if you have an electric car compared to other conventional drivers. The government is also offering incentives on electric cars, things like tax rebates, and tax credits form those that purchase an electric car. In some places in America, every purchase of an EV comes with a one-time federal tax credit of about $75,000.

Better Safety Features

Most EVs come equipped with the latest AI technology that not only makes the driving experience enjoyable, but they increase the safety of the car. On the physical side, EVs have been designed with a lower center of gravity which makes them less likely to roll over. Another significant fact worth mentioning is that the risk of having your car blow up on you because of a mishap in the engine will be ancient history. Cars that run on gas have been notorious for blowing up sometimes without any warning.

Health Benefits

Having cleaner air due to the eradication of carbon emissions is not the only benefit of electric cars being on the road, the same can be replicated in your personal life. Conventional cars emit carbon monoxide that you keep inhaling every time you are in their car. They may be in small amounts but that is still unhealthy. With electric cars, carbon monoxide emission in and around the car will be eliminated entirely. Electric cars are the closest thing that machines can ever be to the environment.


The pace may be slow but progress is being made. A future where electric cars outnumber conventional ones on the roads is not very far off. Currently, there are about 7.2 million electric cars on the roads, a far cry from the 17,000 that existed a decade ago. People are starting to warm up to the idea of electric cars and it is estimated that by 2030, half the cars on the roads around the globe will be electric cars. 


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