Before one turns to drug and substance abuse they will tend to think that they have had it all and they can no longer take it. However, this is not the case. The fact that things are not going your way does not mean that all is lost. It is quite hard and trust me I have had my fair share of what life had to offer and I understand your predicaments. However, there are many reasons that will push people into drugs and substance abuse some of them include;

1. Trauma

Visit a rehab center and maybe take some time to listen to some of the stories those people have to give and you will be surprised at how much people have had to bear and how heavy a burden they have been holding. This pushes many people to the wall and it makes even some go overboard and commit suicide. Having an abusive father and an ignorant momma is not the dream of an eight-year-old kid. This messes up with their whole system.

2. Peer Pressure.

Teenagers are the most affected by this one. When they feel as though they have a point to prove to their peers of how cool they are is actually where they miss the point. Having to show your peers that you can actually empty a couple of bottles and still not throw up is not an achievement. It is actually a channel to drug addiction

3. Background

Some people have been exposed to alcohol and drugs since they were very young and they actually they will not have to source from far the drugs as they are right there at home. This is very wrong. However, having such a person who pumps his system with all these drugs is not a thing that Jacksonville rehab has not seen before nor is it something that it has not handled and came out victorious. This is thanks to the staff, therapies and I am led to believe that the serene environment has something to do with it.

4. Cultural Failures

Some primitive cultures that people uphold actually come back and haunt them. Think of a culture where, by 15 most of the young men in the land are on tobacco and those that are not on it are seen as outsiders. Where every event has to be presided over by barrels of liquor.

5. Financial Incentives

People with a low income will at times only have enough to sustain them from hand to mouth but the rich guys will have so much to spare and most of it will go luxury. Funny thing is that alcohol is at the top of the list.

6. Loneliness

A lonely person is a vulnerable person. Having to only be by themselves they will try to fill the void by getting a ‘hobby’. This leads them off course and since they don’t associate with a lot of people no one is there to help them out.

7. Habit

This thing of having every part with liquor and every dinner table filled with wine brings more and more alcoholics into sight. They will get so familiar such that it becomes more of a lifestyle than a hazard to them.

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