Disposable bags or eco-friendly bags are everywhere from departmental stores to the gas stations in clothing stores. Why? Because people have now discovered the same truth about plastic bags that they are hard to recycle.

They are poisonous, are made from petroleum oil and offer great harms to the environment. Moreover, they are biodegradable, clog the stormwater infrastructure as well as kill various marine animals. 

However, on the other hand, paper bags avoid some of the major drawbacks of plastic bags and also take less time to decompose. But, paper bags are also mostly made from trees or from the recycled material, which should be conserved and take less lot of energy respectively.

So, the solution: REUSABLE BAGS! 

Here are 8 reasons why you should switch to reusable Canvas bag:

Plastic bags take years to decompose:

Plastic bags are hard to decompose; they start as fossil fuel and end up being a disastrous waste in the landfills.  Aquatic animals eat floating shopping bags thinking them as jellyfish; birds eat shredded plastic bags to fill their stomachs.

Despite them, Americans use over 100 billion plastic bags every year, requiring a total of 12 barrels of oil to manufacture them. In fact, an average family in America takes upto 1,500 shopping bags a year, with over 15 returned for recycling.

They don’t require recycling:

While any machines can recycle plastic grocery bags, many machines can’t handle the task of reusing. This is also because, plastic bags get snagged on conveyor belts and wheels, thereby clogging the equipment.

Moreover, plastic bags are difficult to separate from other recycled products and sometimes even end up damaging other parts of the recycling plant. However, the best option for recycling them is to take them to a special drop off place for plastic bags.

Reusable bags are washable:

Reusable bags

Have you ever been in a situation when you spilled something in a plastic bag and end up throwing it away? But, with online grocery bags that are reusable, you don’t need to do so! If it gets stained, just throw it in the machine, and it will come as the new one!

They are cost-effective:

Reusable bags are environment-friendly, thus making the best alternative to paper as well as plastic bags. Moreover, they last for years to come which also means that the money spends on its manufacturing is worth.  As compared to other bags, they are cost-friendly and environmental-friendly.

Reusable bags = fewer germs:

Do you know where your plastic bag has been before entering your home? No! But, you know where the reusable shopping bag sits. Also, with them, there’s less chance of germs being attracted to them. This leads to fewer germs and more healthy shopping.

Decreased global warming:

Plastic bags are not environmental-friendly, which promotes global warming and cause pollution. Every time you use a plastic bag, the landfill contributes more pollution and global warming. Even paper bags are not eco-friendly, because paper usage is associated with trees.

And every time a tree is cut, it causes global warming. However, environment-friendly bags don’t cause any harms to the environment and make one of the best options to use.

They are visually impressive:

Bags that are made from the environmental materials are visually appealing. Moreover, they speak a lot about the brand, its logo and some also have a special message written for the customers.

Eco-friendly bags servers many purposes:

Apart from just carrying shopping, you can use reusable bags for keeping important documents, groceries, and other miscellaneous stuff. You can bring them to the workplace or use them for keeping daily necessities.Eco-friendly bags are great for use in daily lives, not only they are eco-friendly, but they also make a durable option that lasts long.