5 Reasons You KNOW You’re Addicted to KPop

Addicted to KPop

Do you find yourself humming along to heart pulsing beats or get lost in the melancholy of a good OST (Original Sound Track)? Korean Pop (KPop) has saturated international airwaves, movies, and commercials! You never know where it will strike next…

1- English Attracts Audiences

I started getting worried that I was addicted to KPop when I found myself walking down the stairs singing, “… I Can’t, Baby Don’t Stop This Oneureun tarakae (micheo barakae) ganeungeoya ~ Wow Fantastic Baby!”. KPop has the amazing ability to break language barriers by giving international audiences a little bit of English to hang on to while giving us back beats that make many KPop songs party anthems.

2- Different Slang Different SWAG

There are many phrases in KPop that you tend to hear because they are themes which run through any piece of music or art. So much so that they start to become the norm:

  • Love = Sarang
  • Day by Day = Haru Haru
  • Crazy = Michoso
  • Friend = Chingu
  • Oppa = Older Brother/Older (male) Sweetheart
  • Don’t want (to) = Shiro
  • Goodbye = Annyeonghi Kaseyo

Ever since I started listening to KPop I’ve found myself cursing and exclaiming in Korean. And my husband loves to scare me by popping out of different places around the house just to hear what language will come out! #OMO #SMH

3- YOUTUBE is NOT my Friend

BTS released their single “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” and I had to wait for a good Samaritan to bless me with English subs (I would have taken Spanish too!) because sometimes the Korean record labels don’t do the subbing themselves!

There is nothing sadder than a KPop Addict waiting for the drop of the next song from their favorite KPop band only to be pushed to the brink of non-existence because YOUTUBE does NOT  have any English subs for the newest KPop videos!
Addicted KPop

4- Dear John Letters

In Korea men have a mandatory military obligation in which they dedicate about 2 years of their life in support of their nation. While admirable this hiatus causes many KPop idols and groups to be lost or forgotten.

In learning about this tragedy to the KPop industry I have found myself scouring newsfeeds, gossip columns, and KPop entertainments company websites for any and all information regarding all my Oppas military enlistments and discharges.

5- Fangirling

As I immerse deeper into the world of KPop I find myself sharing information about the various bands, idols, and groups that I am interested in. Apparently my friends and family have become so accustomed to my rantings that I’ve actually trained them in the language of the KPop! That even my 9 year old sings along to 2NE1’s I am the Best!

There’s no denying the power of  KPop. This music has dominated world charts, created more shipping opportunities than FEDEX, and has opened intercultural curiosity to all things Korean. Many KPop artists have made it onto the Billboard charts including FTISLAND’s album Where’s the Truth?, BTS’ for their album Wings, CNBLUE for Cinderella, and my favorite KPop band BIGBANG with MADE! And I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for all the KPop Addicts!