Why do you need a massage chair right after your surgery?

There is a sedentary period after every surgery. This is when the patient is asked to simply be on bed rest. Prevent any form of physical strain which can affect the speed and nature of healing.

Especially if someone has just gone through orthopedic surgery, their bone needs time to recover. However, the stiffness around the sedentary period could be a challenge.

The lack of blood circulation is not good for the body, and it can lead the patient to be unable to get through normal tasks once they are healed. Yes, a physiotherapist can assist in movements, so why not get something which can start helping you from the very start? 

Are You Recovering From Surgery

Recovering from surgery is a little painful and mostly boring because you will just be resting all day. Then why not pamper yourself a little, and give yourself some entertainment while you are at it?

A massaging chair is the sweet spot between rest and being active, and here is how it can help you when you’re going through surgery. Once you are convinced, get your first massaging chair from Komoder.

1. Movement Before You Can Move

If you have had bone surgery, the recovery time is longer. Which means the sedentary period is also longer. You will need the rest in order to allow your body to heal.

However, the lack of blood circulation can cause stiffness in the rest of the body. But, if you simply sit on the massage chair for 30 min, it can restore movement. It is important to at least get some movement before you are able to get up and walk like usual.

If you have endured surgery or wound inflammation, with proper blood circulation, even that can be healed.

2. Prevents Anxiety After Recovery

Right after recovery, many patients deal with post-traumatic anxiety. Especially if they are mostly bedridden and unable to move, unnecessary but fearful thoughts start loitering in your head.

What if you never walk again?

What if the pain remains?

Sitting in a massage chair which elevates your body and gives you evenly distributed body stimulation, will help to release some of the happy chemicals in your mind. Some massaging chairs even come with a heating pad which can also help in easing anxiety.

3. Pain Relief

Sudden pain is not very uncommon when you are recovering from surgery. Especially if you move too fast or sleep differently. Most of the pain is internal, and this is where a massaging chair can help.

With the soothing vibration, it can untangle the stiffness which is causing the pain and allow proper blood circulation in the area. The heat therapy from a sudden massage chair can loosen your muscles.

Flexibility is very important to ease any knot which might be causing discomfort or pain.

4. Shorten The Recovery Time

The recovery time is a crucial time for any patient. It is only after the recovery time has passed smoothly that surgery is called successful. O, how can a massaging chair help shorten the recovery time? Let us understand scientifically.

When you are not moving your body for too long, there is an increase in lactic acid accumulation in your body. This can lessen the speed of healing and recovery. This is why doctors always recommend you stay active in some form after recovery so that you can prevent this.

If you manage to get your muscles contracting and blood pumping once in a while, this lactic concentration can be prevented. Hence, quickening your recovery.

Get One Today!

A massaging chair is a great way to relax and get your body moving when you do not have the energy to do so. Some even say that thirty minutes on a massaging chair and you will be recovering from any stress within.

Stress is not good for your physical and mental health when you are recovering from surgery. It can be stagnant in the process when you are filled with negative thoughts. If you know someone, if you are that person dealing with surgery recovery, this might be a good time to invest in a chair.