Because of a “transgender” student, a religious school was punished in an American state

religious school was punished in an American state

The Vermont seminary’s exclusion from any upcoming tournaments was a consequence of the girls’ basketball team withdrawing from an important playoff due to a transgender student playing on the opposite squad, according to Associated Press.

On February 21, the Mid-Vermont Christian School in Hartford withdrew their team from an upcoming game. In a public statement released at the same time, they explained that “allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a dangerous precedent for female athletes and jeopardizes future generations of girls’ access to fair competition.” According to reports by The Guardian newspaper, this is why we took such decisive action.

Consequently, Vermont’s governing body for school sports and activities – the Executive Board of the Association of School Superintendents – ruled that since the school had breached policies, it was ineligible to participate in any upcoming sporting events.

In a stern letter, the federation made it known to the school that they had failed to adhere to their policies regarding education on race, gender, and disability.

Reiterating its backing of transgender student athletes, the union emphatically proclaimed in a statement that Vermont’s policies and laws stand as an unwavering endorsement for their rights.

The school declined to provide a statement when contacted for comment.