Revealing the identity of the winner of the two-billion-dollar prize in the American lottery


The organizers of the American lottery prize, “Power Ball”, finally revealed the identity of the winner of its grand prize, which was drawn last November, amounting to 2.04 billion dollars.

The company that manages the lottery revealed that Edwin Castro, from California , is the winner of the prize, but the director of the state branch of “Power Ball” said in a press statement,

Tuesday, that the man “would like not to appear in public,” according to NBC News . “.

And California law stipulates that the names of the winners be broadcast, as the lottery cannot conceal the name of the winner, but he can refuse to appear in front of the masses and the media when announcing. 

Officials said other identifying information of the winner, such as place of residence, age or other details, would be kept confidential.

In a statement read at Tuesday’s ceremony, the lucky winner said he was “shocked and elated” at winning the grand prize, while not revealing how he would spend it.

Lottery deputy director and spokeswoman Caroline Baker said he chose the total amount of $997.6 million, noting that most winners take that option.

Winners have the option of receiving the prize in 30 payments over 29 years, with the amount being larger but distributed over time.