Although the Wismec R40’s predecessor was 116 mm tall, it was more compact, only 86 mm, which made it easy to transport in wallets, pockets, or invisible electronic cigarettes. Compared to R80, is Wismec R40 Kit more suitable for a portable vape?


The Wismec R40 replaces the futuristic panel with a honeycomb panel that has silver, black, red, blue, silver, silver/black on a black chassis.


On the control surface, there is the same display with a size of 0.96 inches, and the user interface is difficult to distinguish. You may clearly see Vape data, including battery bar, current power, atomizer resistance, blowing time and blowing time, and you can also set the color theme of the font to red, yellow or blue.


Technically, the Wismec R40 Pod Vape kit has a power of 40 watts, which can be adjusted via the aforementioned display and two adjustment buttons. The power can be as low as 1 watt, produced by a 1700mAh integrated battery with a C-type charging system. The USB interface is located near the side/top of the R40, and the operation is lightning fast and easy to charge.


In addition, the pod with the small Wismer R40 kit will not be disappointing. Although its larger brother can hold 4 ml of juice, the smaller R40 still has a 3 ml storage tank with a juice hole at the bottom for simple replenishment. Also, the ink cartridge is transparent to ensure that you will notice how much juice is left.


Most importantly, with the cleverly designed bottom airflow setting, you can rotate the knurled bottom of each R40 coil to change the air inlet to produce your favorite steam and throat impact sound.

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In my opinion, with a 0.96-inch color display and brand-new user interface, Wismec R40 Kit will clearly display all the information you need. And it is easier to carry with when you are outdoors. Well, do you like have a try? Maybe you can find answer in Vapesourcing online vape store.

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