Roles, Duties And Gifts For Wedding Reader

It suffices to say that, what makes a wedding day a monumental glitz and glamour is a conglomeration of heart-felt, emotional and psychological activities such as; rehearsal dinner, wedding rehearsal, pop-up photoshoot among other things. In addition to the list is the significance of wedding reading, which is an act of connecting the wedding guest with the couples. Generally, wedding reading consist of passages or scriptures (in a religious wedding), a poem, a short story, among others. It is noteworthy that, such passage must not be too long as a short wedding reading captures the attention of the wedding guest.

It is important to say that just as bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer are carefully selected, a wedding reader is given the role of wedding reading in like manner. Thus, a wedding reading role is as important as every other role performed by people on the wedding day. Even though, this role seems not to be of high profile and not equally celebrated with every other strategic role in wedding ceremony mentioned above, it is not gainsaying that it is very critical and vital in making a wedding ceremony glamorous. It is a settled fact that, those that occupy the role of bridesmaids are in most cases, sisters and/or friends of the bride. The question thus arises, who the role of a wedding reader can be assigned to in a wedding ceremony? In answering this vital question, it is important to note that choosing a wedding reader differs in wedding to wedding, some people make their friends their wedding reader (as in the picture below)

WEDDING READERSome their uncles or aunties (as the case may be), while some prefer to choose their grandparent, niece, nephew to take the role. The role, being one that starts and end in a day offers an opportunity to close relative or friends that are only available on a wedding day.

In discussing the role and duties of a wedding reader further, it is important to point out that they may choose their own readings or choose from a selection of readings given to them by the couples. Also, someone acting as a wedding reader must be one that is comfortable with public speaking. The wedding reader must also be audible, perfect in incorporating the needed speech rendering skill, which include proper management of tonality, use of pause among others. It is also important to note that a wedding reader is saddled with the responsibility of keeping an eye contact with the audience during his rendition of lines, he is expected to share a good gesture with the couple and most likely stand very close to the groom.

It is necessary that a wedding reader attend the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. This is fundamental in ensuring that the wedding reader knows the ceremony site and where to go on the wedding day in rendition of his reading. It is thus settled from the above that the act of wedding reading is a critical exercise must be examined and done with full sense of responsibility. It is thus imperative that a wedding reader takes into cognizance, all needed things to make his reading eventful and a plus to the wedding ceremony.

One indispensable appreciation towards wedding readers is the giving of gift.

GIFTS FOR WEDDING READEREven though, they might not seem to belong to the high-profile responsibilities of groomsmen, flower girl, bridesmaids, and ring bearer, it is noteworthy that their performance of wedding reading is so critical in putting the wedding ceremony on the move. While the couple may decide to give gift to the wedding reader at the same time with the bridesmaid and groomsmen, he may do such at the rehearsal dinner or after the wedding ceremony.  In order to satisfactorily give an exposition to the needed appreciation to wedding readers, some identifiable and dignifying gift for this great responsibility will thus be made do recourse to. One of those gifts is the framed passage read, by having such passage printed on a decorated paper and giving the same to the wedding reader. This gift is one that, though simple, makes the wedding reader remember the occasion of the wedding ceremony.

Another significant gift to a wedding reader is a bible. This happens when such wedding ceremony is a religious one. That is, if a passage read is taken from a bible passage, such bible from which the passage is read can be given as a gift to the wedding reader. This is important because each time the wedding reader looks at the bible he remembers the couple’s wedding ceremony. Another valuable gift for a wedding reader is purchase of a gift card for the reader. That is, buying him a gift card at his favorite restaurant (in case the reader is a close relation or friend known by the couples).

In conclusion, the role performed by a wedding reader in a wedding ceremony cannot be overemphasized. The exercise is as important as every other responsibility discharged by groomsmen, bridesmaid, and flower girl among others. It is also importing to reiterate that a wedding reader is saddled with a hallowed responsibility of connecting the guest to the couple and rendering a heart-felt reading at the wedding ceremony. However, it is unfortunate that while bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer are well appreciated for their performances at a wedding ceremony, a wedding reader is, in most cases, overlooked. It must be stated that the performance of wedding reading at wedding ceremony is critical in putting the wedding ceremony on a move and commemorating the occasion. Thus, a wedding reader must be well appreciated for the responsibility discharged at a wedding ceremony. Some of the gift in appreciation to the wedding reader has been discussed above.


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