You might have plans to waltz down the aisle to the tune of “Forever,” you may find yourself reading your vows while jumping off a plane or who knows you might just get married at an IKEA store.  Or you could just be planning to have a nice traditional wedding at a beautiful venue surrounded by friends and family. Whichever way you opt to tie the knot, keep these 10 things in mind as your gear up towards your big day.

1Kits, gifts and envelopes

Be sure to be armed with glue for false eyelashes (also handy for any errant rhinestones that may fall off on the big day), scissors (to remove tags), hairspray, pins of all kinds, aspirin, hair brush, band aids, sewing kit, and baby wipes (it’s a godsend to wipe off stains on satin wedding gowns). Another tip to avoid the ick factor is to have spray on deodorant on hand for everyone to use to freshen up with, if they have forgotten to bring their own.

If you plan to rush off for the honeymoon straight away, you really cannot leave packing to the last minute. Pack your honeymoon suitcase and keep your passport in plain sight so that there are no how-can-you-not-find-your-passport-fights so soon after saying “I do”. Here are some honeymoon horror stories that highlight the importance of planning.

Gift kits for brides and bridge grooms, if you opt to have them, should be made in the last week at the latest and be placed in an easily remembered and accessible place. Final payments and cash tips should be placed in separate named envelopes, and their responsibility should be delineated to the parents or the main wedding coordinator.

2Digital seating charts

Maneuvering through seating arrangements is probably one of the least fun aspects of planning a wedding, especially since so many guests wait till the last minute to RSVP. Using a digital reception seating chart may not help you escape family politics but it would definitely beat that headache.

WeddingWire, AllSeated, and Wedding Mapper are some of the options available that let you tweak your seating chart right up to the final day and also allow you to plot out other wedding-related events. You can also lay out the entire floor plan using the same chart, all free of cost.

3Confirm, confirm, and re-confirm

Even if you have provided clear instructions to everyone involved, call and confirm, confirm, and re-confirm every last detail with each of your vendors. Also, don’t forget to mention the location, date, and time of your wedding every time you speak to them. Provide the contact information of your point person for the actual day of the wedding too. Moreover, provide drivers with a list of names and a schedule for all those who need to be picked up and dropped off, along with their phones numbers and addresses.  Write down who you want in photos and let those people know too so that they don’t wander off before the photo shoot ends.


You may be having a destination wedding with all the bling or you may be getting married in your backyard. Either way, you need to know how much it is going to cost and what the payment schedule is going to be like. As soul sucking as it is to juggle finances just days before your wedding, you have to know who needs to be paid when and how much in order to avoid grievances and stresses during the honeymoon period. Make a simple spreadsheet and keep it updated.

5Assign someone to grab gifts and decor

You need a gift caretaker. After all, you can’t lug around boxes as the bride and if multiple people are taking care of the gifts, some of them may get misplaced in the process. You may also want to take some of the décor homelike your table’s centerpiece that has your names and date on it or the wedding cake topper. that has been in your family since your grandparents got married. Assign a responsible person who will look out for such details.

6Make it legal

Your marriage license is only good for a short period of time and you don’t always need to get it a week before the wedding. However, you do absolutely need to have it in hand by the time the big day rolls in. Call the authorities beforehand and confirm what documents will be required and how much will it cost to ensure there is no confusion or delay.

7Dress rehearsal

Not only should you try on your dress, but your bridesmaids, bridegroom and groomsmen all need to do check if the outfits they plan to wear on your big day fit them well. You need to have some time for last minute alterations, if any are required.

Furthermore, make sure that the hair, makeup, jewelry and accessories you have decided upon give you the look you desire. You also need to break your shoes in, because believe you me, you will never be able to forget the pain resulting from the blisters on your feet owing to ill fitting shoes. Also, remember to get your rings cleaned before the event, after all everyone is going to be looking at it.

8Drink a lot of water

Drink water, not only before the event, to stay to stay hydrated, but also chug loads of it throughout the week prior to the event. Wedding planning keeps you on your toes and as you run around, staying hydrated keeps the fatigue levels lower. You can add cucumber slices, mint leaves or lemon slices to zest things up.

Drinking herbal tea is also a good option. Milky herbal tea, green tea with lemon, or a cup of chamomile tea can also relax, soothe, and aid towards a better digestion and a glowing skin.

9Quality time

If you are an introvert like me, you probably want to watch a few episodes of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix and munch on pizza to unwind. If you need your girls to relax then have a night out where wedding talk is minimal and you can chat the way you used to before the wedding consumed you. Or, maybe you can just get a nice massage instead. Whichever way works for you, you need time off wedding work to maintain your sanity and keep your stress levels manageable.


You probably would not be able to get a lot of sleep the night before your big day, and if you are lucky, you will probably not get a lot of sleep for some nights after the wedding either. So, make the most of the week before the wedding and squeeze in as many zzzs as possible to be well-rested and glowing on your big day.

Every checklist in the world and contingency plan may fall. Murphy’s Law may rule and your grandma may die on your wedding day. Just remember, that as important as the day of your wedding is, being married to the one you love trumps all the glamor and its accompanying frivolities. Eventually, the wedding day will become a beautiful memory amongst many others such as your first child’s laugh and the joy of bouncing your grandson on your lap.

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