Welcome to the Lilac City. The smell of flowers and the feeling of love drift subtly through Downtown. Spokane, Washington is your newest romantic getaway. Sure, Spokane isn’t as famous as Paris when it comes to love, but it’s also a heck of a lot less crowded and spendy than Paris. And since Spokane can offer just as much entertainment for couples as the City of Lights, it’s a great place to share the love.

Typically we don’t consider choosing where we’re going to stay in a new city to be an amorous adventure. However, with the stellar rental apartment options Spokane provides, there’s no reason you and your partner can’t have fun picking out the perfect spot for you. Just check out these vacation rentals in Spokane, WA, and you’ll be well on your way to the ultimate intimate vacation.

Without further ado, here are the five best romantic activities you can get up to in Spokane.

1.Catch a Show at Fox Theater

Fox Theater is dedicated to providing a picturesque, retro, yet acoustically divine space for talented artists to perform in. The theater is owned by the Spokane Symphony, and, having been built in 1931, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The theater hosts a variety of nationally recognized performances and is the perfect place to go when your boo wants to get dressed up. If you consider unique architecture to be lovely, The Fox has plenty of that too.

2. Bike ‘n’ Hike the Centennial Trail

Who says romantic has to mean fancy? Sometimes romance just comes from a beautiful outdoor setting. Take the Spokane River Centennial Trail, for example. This 37-mile trail provides gorgeous scenic views for bikers and hikers. Giant waterfalls, plentiful flower varieties, and some happy squirrels are among the typical sights you can expect to enjoy when venturing down the Centennial. Keep your eyes peeled for fresh raspberries! The trail features benches at particularly nice viewpoints, and no cars are allowed on the trail, which means hiking is always peaceful and quiet.

Don’t have your own bike and don’t feel like walking? No problem! Spokane recently started renting out electric scooters for quick and carefree transportation!

3. Get your Grigio on at Pinot’s Palette

Are you lacking in artistic talent? Do most of your paintings look like they were done by a drunk person in a vibrating massage chair? Does being creative require an inordinate amount of effort on your part? Well, Pinot’s Palette has the solution to all of those problems: alcohol. This painting studio provides each night’s guests with a generous amount of paint and an equally generous helping of wine. Pinot’s Palette is great for creators at all skill levels: if you’re an amazing painter, you get to find out if you’re still good a few glasses in. If you’re a terrible painter, just keep drinking and tell people your piece is “abstract,” and eventually everyone else will start telling you how unique your style is. The great part about a date at Pinot’s Palette is that it can be as silly or as serious as you want it to be!

Once you’re properly tipsy, you might catch a stand-up act at the Spokane Comedy Club – right next door to Pinot’s.

4. Stroll Through Manito Park

Manito Park is one of the crowning jewels of Lilac City. At 90 acres, Manito can easily entertain a couple for an entire day. The park hosts an impressive arboretum, five distinct gardens, a multi-room conservatory and a duck pond. And that’s not even the best stuff. The two most alluring places in Manito also happen to be the most lovey-dovey. Rose Hill, located directly outside the park’s conservatory, shows off a nearly endless series of rose beds of different varieties. Enjoy stopping to smell the flowers, but don’t do it for every rose, or security will have to kick you out when the park closes.

Once your nostrils have gotten their fill, head over to Manito’s nearby Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden. This fenced-in ecosystem is where beauty, harmony, and nature combine into the perfect setting. You and your partner can enjoy sitting in the park’s gazebo, learning about the unusual plantlife, and watching koi swim through the park pond. It’s an exquisitely serene slice of Japan right in the heart of Spokane.

5. Take Your Tastebuds to The Melting Pot Last

but certainly not least, is Spokane’s most passionate restaurant. Picture this: your own private booth, a four-course meal, a magnificent candle-lit table, and a classy pot of savory cheese melted to perfection. Start your meal off with appetizer vegetables, fruits, and cheeses, all artisanally put together for the perfect taste combinations. Move on to a delicious broth you can season to your personal preferences before slowly fonduing your entree meats to whatever tenderness you deem most appropriate for that bite. Fondue is a subtle art, and the simplicity of cooking your food will give you plenty of time to catch up with your partner in an amorous manner. And, of course, you get to end your meal by fonduing chocolates, fruits, and marshmallows in a generous portion of thick melted chocolates. If there’s a perfect way to end a romantic day, it has to be with multiple types of melted chocolate, right?