Watch – the moment the Russian fighter intercepted the American drone and shot it down over the Black Sea

On Thursday, the Pentagon released a video showcasing what it described as a Russian Sukhoi 27 fighter jet intercepting an American MQ-9 drone over the Black Sea two days prior.

The US Air Force in Europe recently revealed previously classified footage on their social media accounts.

The Pentagon has revealed footage that highlights the dangerous and inappropriate interception of an American Air Force unmanned drone aerial vehicle in international airspace.

According to the Associated Press, a 42-second video captured the precise moment when a Russian fighter jet discharged fuel onto an American drone while it was traveling nearby.

US authorities, chaired by Mark Milley of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have expressed that Russia’s interception of an American drone was intentional.

Conversely, Moscow declared that the American drone had acted dangerously and denied it was a Russian fighter jet that startled it.


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