According to the United States Road Annual Statistics, more than 38,000 people die every year due to road accidents. About 4.4 million people are injured, causing the government more than $380 to cover the medical bills.

Worst is, most of these unwanted consequences; deaths and injuries are caused by distracted drivers, over-speeding, drunk, and reckless driving. Or unsafe lane change, running stop signs, wrong-way driving, poor conditions of vehicles, and teenage driving.

Fortunately, most causes of road accidents are preventable. Therefore, it should be the responsibility of every driver to ensure they know and observe the best safe driving tips.

Here are some of the safety tips and practices you should consider:

Stay and maintain your focus

It’s never a good idea to multi-task while driving. But, you still find some drivers constantly picking calls and texting while steering. Of course, other distractions would make you take your eyes off the road, grabbing a bite or drinking, outside event or person, to mention a few.

However, any second you lose concentration, you increase your chances of causing accidents. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics indicate a massive number of over 26,000 deaths between 2012 and 2019. That’s 9% of fatal casualties due to distracted drivers.

So to curb such deaths and injuries, you must ensure you keep a 100% focus and attention on the road at all times. Pullover or find a place to park if you have to your phone.

Practice defensive driving

As much as you have to concentrate on your driving, you should also consider that some drivers are not well-versed with good driving tips.

Some may not even have a clear understanding of the road safety rules and regulations, including the signs. Also, you may be having a driver under instruction who, out of nowhere, can accelerate their cars even on road stops. You never know, there could be a driver having a lousy day hence they lose their focus.

Regardless of the reasons why the other drivers handle their cars, be prepared to avoid them. Besides, it’s never your responsibility to find out the reasons as to why they drive that way. Just maintain your focus, prevent and assume them.

Practice safety

There are several safety exposure control plans and measures every driver needs to consider during their journeys.  Amongst them include:

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Wearing seat belts

Any speeding vehicle can throw you onto the dashboard, window sides, or you may hit your head on the front seat depending on your sitting position.

A seat belt will help prevent you from being thrown around inside the car or out of the vehicle in case of a car crash. The NHTSA reveals that half of the road fatalities are those who don’t use their seat belts.

Observe speed limits

Over speeding kills. In the United States, speeding contributes to 31% of crash deaths and injuries.

Sure, it’s common for most people to neglect speeding rules, especially if they are running late. But, that should not be the case; you’re to watch out for the speed limit and follow the road signs or the local road traffic rules. Besides, driving at high speed makes it hard to control the vehicle.

Keep your distance

While driving, you should ensure you keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. This helps in the case that the vehicle makes a complicated or emergency brake. Also, it would help if you avoided excessive acceleration and cornering.

Only drive when you’re alert.

Factors such as fatigue, dizziness, and driving under the influence of alcohol or any substances can cause deaths and injuries. You must, therefore, ensure you avoid driving when you feel exhausted or when you feel sleepy. The chances are high that you’ll be dozing on the steering.

You must also, at all costs, avoid driving when drunk. Alcohol impairs your ability to see clearly and react to any inhibition.

Frequently check or maintain your car.

It’s a nice feeling to own a car. However, you must ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Every time your drive, your car is exposed to tear and wear effects and depreciates in the process.

To extend the value of your car, you must ensure you frequently service. Unserved cars are always un-roadworthy, and the chances are high that they can cause accidents. Therefore, ensure you check the water level and battery expiry date and ensure your tires are always inflated.

Also, check your level of fluids; brake fluid, engine oil, washer fluid, radiator, coolant, and transmission.  Keep track of the gasoline level and power steering.


Road crashes constitute a more significant percentage of causes of death in almost all nations and states. So to curb the rate of deaths and injuries caused on roads, every driver must ensure they keep and maintain safer driving tips and practices.

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