Scary video.. A child fell from “Zipline” after his belt broke

A child fell from Zipline

A 6-year-old boy fell from a zipline after his belt came loose, in an accident that was documented in a video published by Fox News on Thursday.

The network stated that the child is undergoing treatment after the fall, and that the accident occurred in a recreational area, last Sunday, in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

It quoted the child’s relatives as saying that his belt came loose, and he fell into an artificial pond located below the Zipline area.

Mexican media reported that the child fell nearly 40 feet (12 meters) into the artificial pond, citing local authorities.

The video shows the child on a zipline before it stops, with the harness coming loose shortly after.

According to the family, a nearby tourist jumped into the pool and rescued the child, Cesar.Family members blame the entertainment district’s poor training of staff and not handling the situation better.

J. Cesar Sauceda told Fox News that his brother sustained minor injuries while recovering from the accident, but that he was “psychologically damaged” and “scared.”

A government agency in Nuevo León has suspended several attractions in the recreational area after the incident.Officials said a government investigation into the incident was under way.

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