SEMrush Review 2018

Simple and effective SEO, Detailed breakdowns of research data, Large and updated database of keywords


Some data is not useful, no 24 / 7 Support

Bottom Line

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools in the market, simple and easy to use.


SEMrush Review 2018

Excellence2018SEMRUSH is a product made by the same makers as the popular Firefox add-on SEOQuake. SEMRUSH is widely used by many domains (over 46 million, in fact) and has an insanely large keyword database with over 120 million keywords.

semrush-dashboardIt provides a clean and simplistic approach for users and allows people to find all keywords for any web page ranking on the Internet. For example, all a user needs to do is type in a competitors’ domain name and you will be rewarded with extensive keyword data. This includes keyword positions in a search engine, the volume of exact matches that keyword has in the local search, cost per click for the ad, the corresponding URL that the keyword is driving traffic to, a competition check for of advertisers for that keyword, the number of search engine results and the traffic trend for a keyword to make sure it’s not a drying trend.


This glut of information is highly valuable for bloggers and Internet marketers and SEMRUSH offers in one easy to read location.

semrush-Dashboard menuUnlike many of its competitors, SEMRUSH offers a clean and direct approach with its offerings. It does not offer web hosting, CMS, custom website builders or anything of the like, and instead primarily focuses on keyword research and competitive analysis.

Some people are turned off by this steadfast approach and can see it as a downfall for SEMRUSH. We will admit that this attitude means that some very handy tools have been neglected. SEMRUSH has basically no option for white label reports. There is an option for branded reports, but SEMRUSH notifies your clients that you used that platform to generate those reports.

Also, SEMRUSH does not currently offer some of the more useful tracking features found in other toolsets, like a journal for campaign management, for example.

semrush-Keyword SearchIf you haven’t been completely turned away by this, read on to see how SEMRUSH’s approach does have huge benefits. For one thing SEMRUSH does not have any tools that are not doing their job to perfection. For example, SEMRUSH returns incredibly

detailed breakdowns of research data. Like it’s organic research tool’s positions views, which provide a variety of useful information such as charts of keywords that are driving traffic to the domain and current and previous positions of the same keywords’ rankings and estimated yearly volume, and more. This in-depth approach is repeated across the board for SEMRUSH tools.
Not to mention SEMRUSH’s impressive keyword database. Data is pulled from 26 regions and many major countries and it also analyses the top 20 Google and Bing searches in the United States and it updates the databases constantly to provide fresh data.


SEMRUSH allows the average user to get all their essential SEO work done easy. It performs easily and is simplistic so as not to alienate the bread and butter market of bloggers who do not have agencies behind them. It offers a no frills approach to understanding the market and their competitors’ edge over them, while also enabling users to craft the best strategy and direction for their needs. We highly recommend

Features Checklist

  •  Conduct a deep link analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Define your product listing ads competitors
  • Competitors’ rankings
  • Link data for the Web’s largest index
  • Side-by-side sites’ comparison
  • Content optimization
  • Social Networking Checklist
  • Link Analysis
  • Keyword priority
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword Segmenting
  • Link Juice SEO
  • Internal Link Building
  • Find your competitors’ best keywords
  • Identify easy-to-get backlinks
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Traffic
  • Link profile analysis
  • Progress tracking

Product Details

  • Starting Price: $69.95 / Mo
  • Money Back: Yes, Sing up
  • Setup: Free
  • Support: Phone, Live chat

Vendor Details

  • SEMrush
  • Founded 2008



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