SEO PowerSuite Review 2018

Powerful link management, Multi-platform capability, Free version


Limited options for exporting data and SEO reports, No live chat, Packaged separately

Bottom Line

SEO Powersuite is powerful SEO tools to rank higher on search engines and get more traffic to your website.


SEO Powersuite Review 2018

SEO PowerSuite competitorsSEO Powersuite is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers 4 distinct tools, including LinkAssistant, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass and Website Auditor. Each tool in the SEO Powersuite works as a standalone desktop program and each runs on Linux, Mac and PC platforms.

Rank Tracker is SEO Powersuite’s keyword rank checking tool. Because the platform is a desktop tool, it collects data at incredible speeds. It can power through a large list of keywords and returns its results with ease and speed. What is also a plus is that running it without a proxy doesn’t result in any spam protection warnings from Google, which can be common when using desktop tools.

Like with most desktop tools, you can use the RankTracker to track as many keywords as you want, as often as you want on basically any search engine you want. Since many people use these tools to run constantly in the background, compiling data on keywords to get a broad picture visibility of your site.

SEO PowerSuite backlinksLinkAssistant is SEO Powersuite’s most powerful tool of the four offered. It has a strong focus on competitive link research and works very well at combing the web for high quality link building opportunities. What this means is that it will help locate potential link partners for your website to connect with. This is a massive benefit as it saves users loads of time from having to go through the web for hours searching for the perfect link building opportunity. SEO SpyGlass uses multiple data sources to find links that direct to your own site as well as your competitors’. It works to collect many links from multiple sources and it does it well and quickly. Though some experts have suggested that relying only on SpyGlass’ capabilities if you’re building a very large link-building project.

Closely related is SEO Powersuite’s SEO SpyGlass tool, which acts as a tool to help you discover link-building opportunities from competing sites and analyze the backlinks for any span signals. They function as very similar tools and many experts feel that SEO Powersuite would benefit more from combining them into one singular tool.

SEO PowerSuite Keywords checkThe Website Auditor is SEO Powersuite’s ‘spidering’ tool, or SEO Crawler, it functions to scan your site and uncover potential issues or locate opportunities to increase your on page optimization. As a desktop tool, it gives real time results and works quickly. You can scan over 200 pages in under 10 minutes and will be able to review broken links, information on page titles, Meta data and also see the link stats at page level. This is a comprehensive and practical SEO crawler.

SEO Powersuite also has the benefit of being surprisingly affordable. Free trials are really only to review and test the software but paid licenses come in two editions, professional and enterprise, and start at $372 and $821, respectively. The professional edition should work fine for most users only working with 1 or 2 sites, but companies will most likely need the enterprise edition, as it allows for exporting client reports.


SEO Powersuite is a complete set of extremely effective SEO tools and provides whip quick speed and robust tools. Of course, like all desktop software, it will remain dependent on the power of the system it’s installed on.

Features Checklist

  •  Rankings in 300+ search engines
  • 17 keyword research tools
  • Scheduled hands-free tasks
  • Competitors’ rankings
  • Link data for the Web’s largest index
  • Side-by-side sites’ comparison
  • Content optimization
  • Social Networking Checklist
  • Link Analysis
  • Keyword priority
  • Keyword analysis
  • Linking Pages
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword Segmenting
  • Link Juice SEO
  • Internal Link Building
  • Find your competitors’ best keywords
  • Identify easy-to-get backlinks
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Traffic
  • Link profile analysis
  • Progress tracking

Product Details

  • Starting Price: Free trial
  • Money Back: Yes 30 Days
  • Setup: Free
  • Support: Phone, Live chat

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seo-powersuite-reviewSEO Powersuite is a complete set of extremely effective SEO tools and provides whip quick speed and robust tools. Of course, like all desktop software, it will remain dependent on the power of the system it’s installed on.