Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a time taking matter. There are hundreds of rules and algorithm by Google to be followed to maintain your position in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and it’s compacted too. But, if you can put some real hard effort and time without applying any shady tactics, you can surely move ahead.

In SEO, hard work means you have to optimize your content creation power. There are few important factors to meet the wrath of Google, keyword research; content writing and techniques are the most vital part of it. There are many examples of penalized website due to duplicate content and black hat SEO practice. So, you have to follow all the rules to make your website visible in major search engines.

Let’s talk about those rules by which you can dominate your search engine rankings.

Don’t Abuse Keywords

 You had to have some business keywords to tell Google what your website about. If you use your keywords four times in your content then Google will rank you 10th and if you use twenty times then you’ll get 1st position, this is a math point of view but in SEO you can harm your keyword if you do this stuffing.

It is highly recommended to create simple and informative content with a few business keywords you want to rank and juggle it in a natural and gentle way.

Avoid Crowded Keywords

 Running for high volume and most relevant keywords is not always the best strategy for you. Because all of your competitors are doing the same thing and if you join them then you just make the competition harder. So, always look for the unique and simple keyword related to your website. You can use those words in your writing naturally. You’ll be able to get rank in much shorter time in search engines. You can use some crowded keywords but in your start-up stage you need to have some web presence and popularity first.

Unique Content Creation

 “Content is king” and it is an all time great strategy to create unique, quality and informative content for your website. Through your write-ups, you need to provide some eye-catching news or information for your readers. Give yourself some time to learn how to write professional content or you can also have some ideas from internet and books about it but never try to copy someone’s writing. It can be harmful for your website if Google caught you.

Avoid Low-Quality External Links

External links are still an important factor to rank your site up in any major search engines. Make sure that your all external links lead to quality and informative content from which your visitors can get some positive results. All the bad and broken links will upset your readers and affect your ranking in Google.

Make Your Website Updated

You can’t change or update your website content and images regularly, so? What’s the solution for it?

Create a blog along with your website and post all the updated news, offers and launches with innovative and eye-catching images. Blogging is the best way to make your website popular, reach your customers, know your readers and get some suggestions from their ends. You can also search for some websites from your niche and ask them to post your write-ups into their website with a hyperlink to your website. This is called a guest blogging and if you want to save your time then you can easily hire a guest blogging services provider to make your job done with professional efficiency.

Check Your Website Loading Speed  

 In this smart phone world, website loading speed is the most vital matter for any website owner. Keep your eyes on the loading speed of your website regularly. You can use online tools like Pingdom to check this.

So, mainly these are the most essential matters to watch to create a difference in ranking. Just pay attention to those simple techniques to rank steadily in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.