It’s understandable if you feel worried about the idea of asking for help from a counselor. You might think that it’s something that will brand you as mentally unstable or crazy. You don’t want people to mischaracterize you. Although it’s a valid concern, you need to look after your recovery. If it entails seeking help from an expert, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Don’t let your fears stop you

It’s natural for you to have incorrect notions about counseling. With how the people around you see the help provided by counselors, any misinformation isn’t your fault. Add to that the way the media depicts people asking for help regarding their mental health. Your fear might prevent you from seeking help and becoming better. Before that emotion overwhelms you, it’s crucial that you think about what could happen to you once you get better.

Avoid setting expectations 

Another way to prevent being fearful is by stopping any expectations. You can’t tell yourself that you will get better at a given time. You are setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. You will go through a process and there’s no deadline. It takes months or even years before you recover, it’s okay. 

Have the courage 

Setting an appointment with a counselor only takes one phone call or online appointment. You need to gain that courage so that you will see if it works. You also have to acknowledge you need help. Even if you don’t see it until the end of your sessions, you will feel satisfied given that you took the right first step. 

You can always opt out 

Starting a counseling session isn’t a death sentence. You don’t have to keep doing it if you don’t feel satisfied with the services you receive. You can always jump to a different expert to help you. Hopefully, you choose the best partner right from the start, but you always have the opportunity to move on if you’re unhappy. Eventually, you will find the perfect counselor to share your stories with. 

It will instantly feel better

As soon as you commence a session, you will realize that it’s what you need to move on from what you have right now. It gives you time to breathe and somehow see the light in a dark space. The fact that someone is listening to you without the intent of judging your story is already enough to help calm you down. At first, you will have lots of reservations, but you will try to go back without being asked. You know that it’s best for you on your road to recovery. 

Give yourself enough time to figure out what you want. You may also ask others who tried the services before. There might be people you know who have also had the same struggles and they will lead you in the right direction. You may check out Counseling Woodstock if you reside in the area and you need help now. 


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