Whether your abode is a random place for dealing with clients, or it’s a nook for paying business bills or, perhaps it’s a complete designated space for running a business, it should have more than just a wooden table and a pulled chair.


A home office with a sleek and elegant ambience is a mixture of the productive working environment as well as comfort.  Custom built shelves, comfortable working chair, separate couch and some potted plants; this will become the place you’ll want to burn your nights.

So, why not incorporating a perfect home office which, not only promotes efficiency but also reflect your style. Have a look at the tips that will help you create a practical yet charming place:

Make A List Of Supplies You Would Need In The Home Office:

Before claiming for a dedicated room or a closet corner, make a detail list of what you need in home office. The list should include the things that should be in your office like a telephone, fax machine, desk, computer/laptop and etc. If you are a business associate, you would need a separate space for keeping files. However, if you are a consultant you perhaps need an extra table for clients who would come to meet you. So, know your needs first and then design your office.

Find The Perfect Location:

Since it’s your first home office, don’t stuff yourself in a space like a windowless closet or a nook of the room. Consider a place that could hold all your office supplies. Also, know your preferences like will you be able to manage in the traffic area or you would need a quiet place. If there will be clients coming to you, a private space with a couch or sofa is a must.

Invest In Comfortable Yet Professional Furniture:

Professional FurnitureThe first and the most important thing to invest are office table and a comfy chair. An office table should be sturdy. Also, it should have dedicated drawers, shelves and storage to serve you like no other thing. Check if your office desk has enough room to keep things that you need at your fingertips and then pick the furniture.

Further, since you are going to spend hours sitting on your office chair, a comfortable, beautiful and ergonomically-correct chair is a worthy investment. If you are not sure which chair would be perfect, look for the best office chairs under 200 bucks. Also, if your home has traditional décor, warm furniture and comfy chairs would be ideal. Moreover, if you have contemporary space, artistic and modern piece furniture would work.

Dress Up The Walls:

Though it’s a home office, it shouldn’t be dull and suave. You should need a color that will gear your work and will uplift your mood. Some people like bright, cherry hues like orange or green. However, some like soft and calming shades like seafoam blue or botanical green. Choose colors that reflect your mood and jazz up space.

Choose Other Accessories:

Unless you are going for a professional look, pick extras that give you the artistic feel of your home office. You can choose coffee mug as a pencil holder, a creative notepad, decorative file basket or anything else. You can DIY your space like inspirational prints on the walls, or have a beautiful bulletin board.

Organize Like A Pro In An Uneven Room:

Not all office spaces have square or vertical footage, so use every nook wisely. Use floating shelves to keep papers and office equipment away from the desk. Use vertical file folders to save documents and files within reach. If you stack things, use a beautiful basket to tame your documents, notes and other things. For a clean table, use a designated drawer to keep all to-do notes. Use metal and wooden cubes storages to add fun to the bookshelves.

Beautify Technology:

Organize Like A ProAlthough there are not many things you can do to beautify your gadgets like a printer, phone, and computer, you can hide cords and plugs to minimize the mess. First, make sure that all your equipment is close to the outlets and can be unplugged easily. Use cord cover to encase unsightly cords. Tame the jungle of cables with tubing, cord winder or use a wire organizer.

A Light Should Be There:

Make sure that your home office should have plenty of light to minimize the strain on eyes. Use table lamp or a hanging, adjustable light on the desk.

So, set-up a mini-shrine creatively and work from the ease of home!

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