9 Dead and wounded in a shooting in California during the Chinese New Year celebrations

Dead and wounded in a shooting in California

Yesterday evening, tragedy struck in western California while Chinese New Year celebrations were taking place. According to the Associated Press and US police reports, nine people lost their lives as a result of an act of gun violence.

According to an anonymous law enforcement source revealed by the Los Angeles Times, a tragic shooting that resulted in one fatality occurred within the boundaries of Monterey.

Last night, at ten o’clock in the evening (local time), a shooting occurred near an area where locals were celebrating Chinese New Year. Several individuals have been injured and transferred to various hospitals for further care and attention. This tragedy was reported today by local newspapers.

Monterrey’s city park hosted a joyous festival that attracted tens of thousands of attendees!

A video recording revealed the police setting up a secure perimeter at the incident site.

Startled, the owner of a seafood restaurant on the street where a shooting occurred quickly shut his doors after 3 people rushed to him and warned that there was someone armed in their vicinity.

Authorities have yet to confirm whether the suspect in the shooting has been apprehended.

Atlanta accident

In the wake of demonstrations regarding the fatal shooting of a young man, Atlanta experienced violent outbursts. According to authorities, this individual had initiated an attack on their officers and was consequently shot dead in retaliation.

The crowd of protesters called for an inquiry into the death of the 26-year-old, and their demonstration resulted in a police car destroyed by fire, broken shop windows in town center, plus arrests made by officers. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens both requested serenity while expecting to get results from the investigation.

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