Shooting in the center of the capital, Paris, causes casualties

Law enforcement quickly apprehended the shooter and sealed off the area.

Shooting in the center of the capital Paris

On the fateful day of December 23, 2022, a shooting incident took place near a Kurdish cultural center located in the very heart of Paris. Reports by French BFM TV network indicate that several people were wounded during this occurrence.

Tragically, Radio Monte Carlo International reported that two people had died due to the shooting incident earlier today. The police were able to apprehend and detain the alleged shooter.

According to a police source, the apprehended individual was estimated to be around 60 years old. Meanwhile, Paris Police took to Twitter and issued an alert requesting citizens evade the local vicinity due to active operations in process.

Confirmation of the tragedy came from a high-ranking official at Paris City Hall, while Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Gregoire relayed his message on Twitter stating: “Armed assault has occurred… Thanks to security forces for their fast response… Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected by this devastating event.”

An anonymous woman from a store located in the nearby building recounted her experience of fear as she said, “When I heard seven or eight shots fired outside, I knew it was time to stay inside and lock ourselves up.”

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