Every furniture removal company has its own rules and fees that govern operations. Nonetheless, there’s a standard way in which most, if not all, of them work. It’s evident that no two furniture removal companies are the same – and we don’t expect them to.

Paying upfront fees for anything, not just furniture removal, is a risky affair for many. People are continuously skeptical about paying for something that they haven’t yet received. Even ecommerce had this problem, as buyers were not so receptive to the idea of early payments. It’s only recently that things started taking a turn for the better.

So, should you pay the upfront fee for furniture removal? To answer this question directly, yes, you should. But only if you’ve certified that you’re dealing with a credible entity. You should equally be wary of scams that will act as red flags. Typically, you’ll pay part of the total cost at least 5-7 days before the furniture removal.

Nevertheless, some furniture removal companies don’t even expect you to pay this deposit anyway. It all depends on trust and credibility. But the thing is, companies that demand full pay before the service should come out as a red flag.

Why Furniture Removal Companies Require Upfront Payments

While many homeowners believe that upfront fees are against them, in some ways they help. For instance, a deposit secures you a booking with the furniture removal company. On that exact day that you’ve prepaid for, you’ll have the service without fail or delay.

A typical furniture removal company will charge upfront fees knowing too well that this confirms the appointment. Without the deposit, some companies may not take you seriously. After all, they’re in it for dedicated clients, and not those that don’t know what they want. With tons of requests every day, they’ll give more attention to the homeowner that commits with a deposit.

If you pay upfront for furniture removal, then there’s less chance of your appointment moving to another date. If you’ve agreed on Saturday, then they’ll be there on that specific day. The same also applies to the chance of receiving a cancellation. For those that don’t prepay, then the furniture removal company may opt to give more priority to those that do pay beforehand.

However, it’s quite rare for a reputable furniture removal company to ditch you, even when you’ve not prepaid. Only low-experience companies will do such a thing. We’ve had several cases of people getting stranded with junk items, just because they didn’t prepay.

What to Do Before Paying a Deposit for Furniture Removal

Don’t pay the furniture removal deposit until you consider the following factors, which we will share with you. Of course, the basic rule of thumb is to make sure that the company you choose is legit and has a good online reputation. Preferably pick an established business that has been around for a while, rather than a new one. Here’s what you need to check:

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What’s the insurance policy of the furniture removal company? You may think this doesn’t carry as much weight until an accident occurs. When dealing with bulky items, any accidents can be detrimental.

When the company has insurance for its staff, you’re guaranteed that whatever happens, you don’t become liable. A shady company will not have insurance, and this can be quite risky.

Detailed Contract

The contract is a binding document that shows the agreement between you and the furniture removal company. Without this document, it’s simply your word against theirs, in case of any misunderstanding.

Contracts also give a sense of obligation to the company. They’ll be tied to the promise of delivering the service on a specific date and time. And for those failing to do so, it is a breach of the signed contract. They’ll be more than committed to meeting what they signed, as no company wants to be liable for a breach.

The document you sign should have full details of the services you’re getting from the company, plus the exact dates.

Paying Full or Half for Furniture Removal

Here’s the real question and perhaps the biggest problem. Should we pay for the entire cost of the furniture removal? Or you have to pay a partial amount. As we have stated in the intro, one of the red flags to be wary about is a company demanding full payment upfront.

Yes, they may ask for the deposit and this is totally fine. However, it’s not justified for them to seek the full amount from you before delivering the service. What if they don’t show up for the furniture removal? Would you have lost all of that money just like that?

Final Thoughts

When dealing with furniture removal or any other service per se, the company may require a deposit. Just be careful and make sure that you’re not falling for a well-choreographed plan to swindle your funds. The good thing is that technology, through the internet, helps us discover both fraudulent and legitimate companies.