Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Or are you a light sleeper easily disturbed by the slightest noise? If so,  earplugs may be the solution for a better night’s sleep. You can buy the earplugs for sleeping from the online store.  Earplugs are designed to reduce noise and are made from a variety of materials such as silicone, wax, or foam.

So before you start off with the habit of using earplugs or if you are already using it during the night time when you go off to sleep, I’ll like to tell you about some aftermaths of doing the same so that you are not caught unaware and are always in the loop. Read this blog further for the complete information –

Increased Pressure

When you are inserting an earplug and keeping it for a long time span, it results in building up extra pressure in your ear canals and the risk is higher when you are asleep. You move while being asleep and the earplugs are pushed further in which can result in discomfort and pain. And if you have got yourself in this situation, try not to pull it off at once. It can be very harmful for your ears. The quick change in pressure levels can have permanent impact on the ear canals. So be gentle with it.

Missing the emergency alarm

If you have earphones or earplugs inserted in your ears, there is always a minute chance of you not being able to hear a certain sound that you must, like your parents calling you for some emergency work during the day or you miss an all important call on your other smartphone . These occurrences are still something that you can cope up with. But what if fire breaks out in the middle of a night and you miss the fire alarm because of your earplugs? How harmful can that be? A suggestion is to always test your hearing ability after inserting the earplug to make sure that you will not miss the emergency alarms during the night.

Removing earplugs roughly

We all are a bit careless here and there. When you wake up, it takes a while before we gain our consciousness. There are chances that you may remove the earplugs before even waking up properly. Beware, it can have stark consequences. Due to the sudden release of pressure, it can have a negative impact on your ear canals. So it is suggested that you take a while to remove them off gently like you do with your make-up and use a twisting motion for minimum impact on your ear canals.

Infections and earwax hardening

Like we take care of our new car, we should also pay equal attention to our ears. An annual check up and a set of habits to keep our ears clean is an absolute must for all of us. We all know about earwax but do you know that this earwax protects our ear canals from dirt, small particles and dust? And what if I tell you that an incorrect use of earplugs can have a harmful impact on the building process of earwax?

Using earplugs incorrectly can cause earwax compaction. Hardening of earwax can be very painful and very uncomfortable for your ears. It will muffle the sound reaching your ear drums and cause discomfort. Further dirty earplugs are a home of bacteria and fungiwhich if inserted in the ears, can  lead to seriousinfections. So it’s better to always use a clean pair of earplugs.

Earplugs are a good way to reduce noise impact or to negate it completely. But if you are constantly using them, there are chances that once you try to get rid of them, you will be unable to get a sound sleep. Even if you are a light sleeper, there is a possibility that you can miss the emergency alarms but that possibility  further increases when you have a set of earplugs inserted. And looking at the impact it has, you should shift to a different method of attaining sound sleep, like the use of a fan to muffle the outside noise, or using noise-cancelling headphones which are worn externally or you can even use white noise machines that can play various sounds so that you are not distracted by any other noise.

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