Your Wife Is Cheating? In today’s world, infidelity is becoming a common occurrence. So many marriages don’t last because either the wife or the husband cheated on the other. It’s an unpleasant experience, and not many like to admit it especially men. Sometimes you smell it a mile away, but at times you are taken by surprise.  Either way, the experience is horrible. Does is sound familiar? If you have that gut feeling that your wife is cheating on you, there are commons signs and trend that you be on the lookout for.  Note that is it important to catch someone when they have their guard down. So act normal and be keen on her habits and take some measures to get to the conclusion of your suspicions.

1Changing Habits

Has your wife’s habits changed and she is behaving in an unusual manner? Does she seem like she is changing? When a wife is cheating, she will start being distant. There are times she would ignore your calls and if you ask she will give petty excuses. She will either say that she was busy or she didn’t hear your call. If she used to respond to your calls but now, the excuses are increasing, you should look into that. It may not be anything, but it’s worth looking into. Another change in habit would be she no longer wants you to accompany her to events, places or you guys no longer do stuff together as you used to.

2Running Late and Excessive Overtime

They say one thing leads to another; it starts with one habit that leads to another cropping up. Is she suddenly running late from work or insists on taking up excessive overtime just to remain in the office? Normally, taking too much time at work usually spells something going on with someone in the office. If your wife starts staying out late, it is best to talk to her and know what is going on. Has the workload increased? Is it something that is going to change soon or what? There should be cause for alarm especially if the workload and overtime have increased but no increase in pay. If you are close to some of her workmates, you can ask them discreetly on what is going on at the office. Handle it by asking indirectly. Say like, “Nowadays, your guys are loaded with work. Do you ever get time to spend with the kids?” How they respond, will tell you a lot abut what is going on in the office.

3Coded Text Messages

Is she open to the text messages she receives? Does she get all edgy whenever you touch her phone? A cheating wife usually get irritated when their partner goes through their phone or makes inquiries about who they are talking to. Be on the lookout for late night texting and phone calling. Don’t fall for that excuse “It work,” all the time. The office can’t be calling her at 12 am midnight after all the time and she came home late. Has she suddenly gave her phone a password? Nonetheless, if you happen to get a chance and go through her phone, and you notice some coded text messages, try and find out who your wife is chatting.

4Emotional Disjoint

Women are emotional human beings. They love to connect with their partner and talk about personal things. Emotional distance is perhaps at the top of the list of the signs of a cheating wife. If your wife is emotionally distant, isolates herself and doesn’t talk to you, then another man may be playing that role that you used to play in her life.

5Use Spyware

An orthodox means of knowing if your wife is seeing another man is to install spyware on her phone. A spy app will enable you to get to the bottom of her change in behaviour. With spyware, you will get to see her texts messages, listen in on her calls and track her every movement. You’ll know where she spends her time when she is not with you.  Use of spyware should be a last resort if you find three or more of the signs mentioned above.

However, at times she may not yet be cheating and may be on her way to cheating. It is important to talk to your wife and find out what is going on. It may turn out that there is something else aside from cheating that she is going through. The issue may be even with you and not her entirely. Try and work out things before it’s too late to salvage your marriage.

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