You know that some sort of replacement for your real teeth is needed, but you are not sure which option would be best. Most dental professionals will recommend that you choose Markham dental implants over dentures. Now is a great time to go ahead and make plans to have the implants installed. Here are a few reasons why there is no point in waiting.

You Want to Chew Again

With your natural teeth gone, there are some foods you don’t even try to consume. Are you really happy with a diet of mainly soft foods? Most people would balk at having nothing that required teeth to chew properly.

You could continue to deprive yourself of foods you really want. On the other hand, you could talk with one of the best dentists in the area and set up appointments for implants. Once they are in place, you can get back to eating whatever you like.

No Sunken Face for You

One of the big advantages of Markham dental implants over dentures is that they preserve the shape of the jaw. Dentures are made to fit over the gums and do nothing to prevent them from sinking and shifting. Implants are in the gums just as your natural teeth were in years past. They help the bone to maintain the proper shape. If you prefer the current shape of your chin and the way the bottom half of your face looks, implants are the only reasonable solution.

You’d Rather Not Deal With a Complicated Dental Hygiene Routine

Dentures means making quite a few changes with your daily routine. There’s soaking the dentures overnight, then cleaning them before they go in each morning. You have to learn how to apply dental adhesive properly, and how to remove the residue before the plates go into the glass at night. Many denture wearers keep kits on hand so they can do some quick repairs if the dentures should slip out of position whey they are away from home.

As the best dentists will point out, none of those issues apply to implants. You brush after meals, use any mouthwash you want, and that’s it. What could be simpler?

A Solution That Lasts Longer Sounds Great

There is no doubt that Markham dental implants are made to last for a long time. They can easily last for three decades and maybe even a little longer. Depending on your age and general health, it’s possible that those implants will last for the rest of your life.

Now is the time to contact one of the best dentists in the area and learn more about what implants can do for you. Discuss the immediate benefits as well as the long-term advantages they provide. Once you realize how great this solution happens to be, set the process in motion. In less time than you expected, you’ll forget the implants are not the real thing.