Once you start exploring Paphos Cyprus, you’ll soon realize just how much there is to discover. It offers so much, ranging from great food and colorful festivals to a picturesque coastline and amazing dive sites. All this, surrounded by ancient history and the charm of being a UNESCO heritage site. Furthermore, there are various property types for a range of budgets such that there really is something for everyone. So, why not check out this website and see what property for sale in Paphos might catch your eye? You might be holding the keys to your dream villa sooner than you think.

Facts About Property for Sale in Paphos

Depending on why you’re searching for property for sale in Paphos, you’ll be looking for different pieces of information. For example, if your plan is to generate rental income then you’ll want to know where the tourists tend to come during the busy seasons. Alternatively, if you’re an entrepreneur working from home or a retiree, you’ll probably want to know where the more secluded areas are for properties for sale. Regardless, here are some interesting facts to guide you on the location:

  • Residency for Investment fast track
  • Paphos properties are in a wine region
  • Ayia Napa is on the other side of the island
  • Walking tours are round the corner
  • Off the beaten track properties

Residency for Investment Fast Track

It’s a small fact but clearly a big one because this means less paperwork. It’s such a luxury not having to renew your visa papers every year simply to continue living in Paphos Cyprus. The fast track process for applying for residency means that you’ll need to invest around 250 to 300 thousand euros. You should also work with a lawyer to make sure your paperwork is in order but then, you’re set for life.

Paphos properties are in a Wine region

Paphos properties are in a Wine region

This is potentially good news for wine lovers. Even if you don’t drink wine though, you know that having working vineyards around you in Paphos District means limited future construction. Therefore, the risk of finding yourself in an overbuilt area in years to come is low. Furthermore, vineyards are gorgeous and you’ll enjoy walking around the area with a friendly community.

Ayia Napa is on the other side of the island

All the party people out there already know where Ayia Napa is. If you’re not one of those people, then it might be worth knowing that Ibiza’s clubbing rival is on the east side of the island. The great news is that Paphos is far enough away that it won’t bother you. Having said that, it’s a fun place to go out for all your guests or even potential children and grandchildren.

In terms of properties though, this is also a positive because people will always be attracted to entertainment places like Ayia Napa. Nevertheless, they’ll still appreciate the quieter places like Paphos Cyprus for some downtime. This is good for you should you ever wish to sell or let out your home.

Walking tours are round the corner

Walking tours are round the corner

A quick google search will give you many options for walking around Paphos District. There’s even a Facebook group that shares about different walking tracks. Not only is this a fun way to meet people once you live there but it’s also a healthy pastime. Furthermore, you’ll get lots of ideas for prestigious properties that are more secluded and away from the crowds. Secret Valley comes to mind but so does even Peyia and Coral Bay with its Sea Caves.

Off the beaten track properties

Paphos District is quite large and has many charming villages where you can search properties for sale. These include Talla, Chloraka, Kissonerga, Tremithousa, and Universal, amongst others. They all offer any modern convenience you can think of so it’s really down to personal choice and preference. For example, check out the properties on the Akamas Peninsula and see whether you can find your ideal villa, bungalow, or detached home. Having said that, apartment buildings are still popular and you can also opt for the more lively Kato Paphos town center if you prefer.

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What Else do you Need for Searching for Property for Sale in Paphos?

These facts are small in the sense that they won’t make you fail your real estate project. Nevertheless, they’re crucial in terms of guiding you to the right location for you. Now that you have a bit more of a sense of Paphos, your next big step is to interview a few property developers and find the one you feel that you can happily work with. It’s also important that you check that they are certified and registered with the local real estate association. Then, get a property lawyer to guide you through the paperwork and you’re off. In a few month’s time, you’ll finally be enjoying island life in one of the more beautiful parts of the world. Now, that’s called living.