The Internet Of Things Changes Everything

There are many new technological innovations today, and one that has become exceptionally popular is called the Internet of Things, or IoT. If you’re unfamiliar with this innovation, it’s basically an interconnected network of devices which have WiFi connectivity and can be managed remotely—from, say, a smartphone.

The smartphone has partly lead to the “smart home”. Now the smart home incorporates many disparate elements. You’ve got garages, refrigerators, HVAC systems, lighting, security, computer systems, intercoms, solar technology, and the list goes on. These things can all be managed through apps on your smartphone.

You can leave the house and lock the door from your car, then turn the air conditioning on so the house is cool while you’re away. You can also activate home security solutions and angle the solar panels. Finally, something not mentioned before, you can set the Roombas to clean the floors.

But even the most “smart” home will still need some physical repairs and maintenance on occasion. IT personnel can do a lot of things, but they won’t be able to help you with a plumbing emergency for example. Additionally, if the issue with your AC isn’t the computer interface, but some physical machination of the hardware itself, you’ll need HVAC experts.

Considering Your Best Interests

Here’s the thing: if you let IT companies help you manage things like plumbing and HVAC support, they’re not going to do it with your best interests in mind. They’re going to do it with the interests of whoever they’ve partnered with. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business—and it’s a good business tactic.

Rather than being at the mercy of a professional stranger, you might look up maintenance support solutions for yourself. These are especially desirable should an emergency knock things off balance suddenly. After all, you may find yourself in an emergency that’s got nothing to do with IoT whatsoever.

Say the main water artery to your home runs beneath your driveway, and the pipe bursts from structural fatigue over time, as a for instance. Now you’ve got water running into the basement. You need a plumbing fix, and fast.

Plumbing SolutionsPlumbing Solutions

If you’re looking for plumbing solutions, Plumbing Fix, Santa Monica based experts offer 24/7 emergency care no matter when. This means you can have someone come as soon an issue occurs—likely within the hour you call, depending on things like traffic (Santa Monica traffic can be brutal at times).

Or how about this: what if your AC quits in the middle of a heat wave? At the beginning of September, 2017, it reached triple digits in NoHo, The Valley, and the Inland Empire. The coasts were even in the nineties. If you’re elderly, not having support in this area could seriously compromise your health.

When it comes to HVAC contractors, provides services that don’t hide fees or overcharge you in the midst of an emergency—according to the website: “Our contractors are available nights, weekends, and holidays at no added cost.” Like the plumbing solution listed here, this organization offers you the help you need without penalizing you for that need.


Smart homes are “smart”, but like smart people, they can’t outthink everything. A smart home that has automated everything will still have difficulties on occasion. So do this: hope for the best, and expect the worst. If you do, you’ll have a list of emergency numbers available before the disaster happens—this will expedite recovery and cut associated costs.