Some Choices of Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing system is a system of technology that allows users located in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to one shared location.

This technology is very convenient and practical for users who are engaged in business, corporate, and personal from various cities and different countries. There is some video conferencing system as your reference to choose the appropriate system for your needs.

Polycom Video Conferencing System

The Polycom Video Conferencing System creates a location liberation so that people can have more engaging conversations in new ways. It will challenge the limitations of time, distance, cost, as well as significant business disruptions, such as natural disasters and pandemics.

The RealPresence Platform is a platform that is used in Polycom. It is visual and deeply engaging. People can connect, accelerate in making a decision, and increase their productivity for their companies. You will get some advantages in using a Polycom video conferencing system.

The video conferencing is using content that has 1080p60 resolution to provide a real collaboration. You can share some content such as documents and presentations by using Polycom People with Content IP application on video conferences.

This video conferencing system can use multiple utilities such as cameras, content sources, and views. It is also compatible with SVC technology to make sure that you still can feel comfortable fit even if you have a bandwidth-limited network.

Grandstream Video Conferencing System

The Grandstream video conferencing system is a revolutionary technology that allows you to hold a meeting with more than one person who are in different locations while viewing them and talking with them in real-time. It differs from simple video calling, which is usually one-to-one video communication.

Grandstream video conferencing system allows the users of the system to communicate with others with HD video and other collaboration tools such as whiteboards, file sharing, text exchange, media sharing, remote control, screen sharing, electronic voting, a conference recording, etc.

Grandstream video conferencing can be used for both informal and formal communication. Informal communication usually uses a desktop system. A more formal meeting with several participants at each site will probably use a special studio setting.

You can also use this system as a collaborative work between the researchers using shared applications. You can use this system also for teaching. Teaching usually involves one until many connections.

Student sites can receive audio and video, but can only send audio. The most popular usage is to hold a meeting. The Grandstream video conference can save your cost, especially for international conference meetings.

The cost savings can be substantial especially for international conferences where not only travel costs are saved but also time is spent traveling to a destination.

Grandstream Video Conferencing Systems opens up with a new category of high-quality smart solutions for video conferencing, offers you unmatched flexibility as well as compatibility, ease of use, great application performance, and the most affordable price available on the market.

The Grandstream Video Conferencing System has built-in support for a variety of video applications that support Android, as well as the excellent ability to link calls with Android applications and the SIP platform to create a multilateral or hybrid conference with different protocols.

Yealink Video Conferencing System

The Yealink video conferencing system is designed to meet the multi-video conferencing needs of small and medium enterprises. Equipped with a powerful built-in MCU, Yealink supports video conferencing capacities of up to 24-sites and can be divided into 2 Virtual Meeting Rooms which perfectly meet the needs of remote communication in the modern workplace.

Yealink produces the most complete line of Video Conferencing products with the latest technology. Yealink video conference brings people together anytime and from any location with one-click access.

This product ensures communication for small and medium meeting rooms. Management, deployment, and usage have been simplified in such a way that the network browsing and managing business contacts are easier than others. Yealink is the most widely used video conferencing system. 

Those are some choices of video conferencing systems. Nothing is more effective than face-to-face meetings with clients, but when costs are an issue you need to consider other options. One of the best options is to use a video conferencing system which allows you to see who you are talking to and vice versa, they can see you too.


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