7 Spare Boat Parts to Always Keep On Hand

Spare Boat Parts to Always Keep On Hand

A scenario you always want to try and avoid is being on the water in your boat and discovering that you need to carry out a quick repair, but don’t have the part needed on board.

A good strategy to avoid that situation would be to have the right spare boat parts to hand so that you can deal with an unexpected problem straight away. Using someone like Malibu boat parts, for instance, will help you get the items you need, but which spare parts should be on your list of essential backup items?, you need to make sure The boat drains, drain plugs, valve caps, and engine parts should all be included. Additionally, keep spares of any unique items like your boat’s switch panel or trim switches. As well as the basics you’ll need to find space for tools like a portable drill set and screwdrivers.

Spare belts are often critical to have on board

Right at the top of your shopping list would be a set of belts.

Whether it’s the main engine, a generator, a water cooling pump, or something else that is often critical to helping keep your boat running, most of these items need a belt to run them.

Make sure you have the right replacement belts on hand. Most are easy to replace but you could be in a bit of trouble without a spare one on board.

The humble fuse can be so important

You can soon have navigational issues if your GPS won’t work because a fuse is blown. This is just one example. Fuses are used in numerous devices on board and it makes sense to have a fuse kit that allows you to replace one when it blows and something stops working.

You always need proper lighting

If you take your boat out at night or in poor conditions you need to be sure that your lights are fully operational.

A set of navigational light bulbs should be considered an essential part of your spare part kit that you have on board for every journey.

Being able to replace a broken or burnt-out bulb could make all difference when it comes to navigating your way back to base.

Carrying a spare prop

Carrying a spare prop and changing one is far easier than you might think. It is also a real no-brainer thing to do when you consider the difficulties you will face if you don’t have a replacement on board with you.

Many props are easy to access, so replacing them shouldn’t be too challenging. Even if it is fairly large, it makes sense to find a way to store a spare.

A clogged fuel filter is a regular reason for breakdowns

Your boat’s fuel filter does a lot of work. A clogged fuel filter is one of the most common reasons for a breakdown call.

Anticipate that problem by having a spare field filter with you.

A fix for lots of small problems

You often have to carry out temporary repairs or use a bit of ingenuity to solve a problem to get you out of trouble. That means you need a kit that has some versatile repair solutions.

If you have things like glue, wire ties, and tape with you, these are items that could fix a multitude of simple but troubling issues.

Do you have the fluids you might need?

Your boat will use a variety of different fluids. Whether you need to top up the coolant or engine oil or need some hydraulic oil, it makes a lot of sense to have a selection of the right fluids to hand.

Most of the time, you will need to replace lost fluid to be able to continue your trip. Anticipate what spare fluids you might need and carry some on board.

These are just some of the essential items that need to be on your spare parts list.

It would be unwise to set sail without them.