Starbucks launches coffee with olive oil.. It started marketing it in Italy before moving it to these countries

Starbucks launches coffee with olive oil
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On Wednesday, February 22nd 2023, the Daily Mail reported that Starbucks coffee stores throughout Italy have begun offering a unique line of coffee drinks! These new beverages feature an exotic ingredient – olive oil. Starbucks plans on rolling out these special java concoctions to Britain, US and Japan this year!

According to recent news, Starbucks has released a new line of Oleato drinks, which combine Arabica coffee with cold-pressed extra virgin Partana oil in equal proportions.

Starbucks promises a tantalizing cup of coffee that is rich and velvety, delivering sweet and smooth flavor to your taste buds.

Transform your coffee experience with the olive oil option, available to be added to lattes, espressos, iced shakes and golden froth-infused cold coffees.

Take your coffee experience to the next level with Starbucks’ ‘Oleato’, featuring a scoop of melt-in-your-mouth Partana Virgin Oil on top of freshly brewed Arabica beans.

Some stores will also give customers the option to add a “squeeze” of olive oil – about a spoonful – to any drink of their choice. Then the drink will be mixed with oil, or golden foam mixed with olive oil will be added on top of the drink.

A new revolution in the world of coffee


Interim Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said the drinks were inspired by his travels to Italy and his experience with Italian coffee.

In 1983, my first trip to Milan left me in awe of the sense of unity and bond I felt throughout the city. But more than anything else, it was what I found at local espresso shops that truly captivated me: a passion for coffee. This journey motivated me to find ways to bring this hand-brewed espresso tradition back home with me here in America,” he remembers fondly.

Schultz continued: “Oliato drinks represent a new revolution in the world of coffee, because they combine two of the best natural ingredients, namely Starbucks Arabica coffee beans and cold-pressed extra virgin Partana olive oil. Today I feel the same inspiration that I had 40 years ago, I opened Oliato drinks opened our eyes to new possibilities, and it gave us a revolutionary way to enjoy our everyday coffee.”

Starbucks has about 20 stores in Italy and is currently trying to expand into the country to compete with independent, family-owned coffee shops. It is noteworthy that the coffee chain faced some protests after opening its first branch in Italy in 2018.

They opened a luxury café in Milan in the former premises of a post office in Piazza Cordosio in 2018, marking the first Starbucks in Italy.

Italian family tradition

In addition, the company said that the new drink is inspired by an Italian family tradition that states adding a full spoonful of extra virgin olive oil to coffee daily.

And I decided to deal with the Italian brand Partana, which has been growing olives in Italy to produce oil for more than 100 years.

Starbucks in Milan has already launched its new line of drinks with olive oil.

“Coffee is becoming a trend”

“We drew inspiration from the rich history and origin stories of coffee and olive oil when creating these beverages,” said Amy Dilger, Starbucks Chief Beverage Development Officer.

Adding fats like olive oil to coffee has become a trend, thanks to diets like paleo and keto.

Some fats, such as oils, offer a number of health benefits, such as maintaining energy throughout the day and improving hair and skin health.

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