They say a dog is a man’s best friend. But a dog can easily snap under different circumstances and attack a victim. If you were walking one day down the road and a dog bit you, you should immediately take action.

A dog bite can be sudden and painful so it is natural to be scared and confused. But one of the first things you should keep in mind is to call a Toledo personal injury attorney just to be on the safe side afterward.

Other important things you should immediately consider after a dog bite injury are listed below.

Medical Care

If the dog bite left puncture wounds or any other serious injury, it is very important to seek emergency medical care. A lot of dogs are not vaccinated against dangerous diseases like rabies and a puncture wound usually means an infection if not treated immediately.

A dog bite injury is very different from other common injuries, so never assume that you’ll be able to get relief with first aid.

Take Pictures

It is natural to be shocked and scared when a dog bites you. But it is also important to collect as much evidence as possible for later. If it permits, take out your smartphone and snap a few photos. You should ideally take photos of the wound you just received and the area where the scene took place. If you can also take photos of the dog and its owner, it will help your case later.

Talk to the Owner

The owner is probably not responsible for the dog’s sudden attack on you, but you should still exchange information just like you would do after a car accident. This will help you identify the vaccination history of the dog later. Try to get as much information about the owner as possible.


If the scene took place at a public space, try your best to secure witnesses. Take the contact information of people who witnessed the scene first hand so you can later call them if there is a need for a lawsuit or an insurance claim. Eyewitnesses often provide an accurate picture of the event and the court usually takes their testimony very seriously.

Animal Control

If you don’t want others to become a victim of a dog bite from the same dog, you could call your local animal control agency. They may even investigate the incident for you and it could actually help you significantly in your insurance claim case.

A dog bite is usually very terrifying and can leave people in stress and shock. But if you read the tips we have provided above, you will already be prepared for such an accident. Never let a dog bite go without claiming insurance.

A dog bite can leave you with serious wounds that can even mean spending some days in the hospital and off from work. You are likely going to pay large medical bills as a result too. So make sure that you claim insurance as soon as you can.


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