Stolen bags of travelers.. A Biden administration official faces a prison sentence

A Biden administration official faces a prison sentence
Samuel Brinton / Social Media

The US police report obtained by Fox News revealed that an official in President Joe Biden’s administration could face imprisonment of up to five years for baggage theft committed in Minnesota and a maximum sentence of 10 years for another bag stealed from Nevada. These charges come with the risk of serious consequences, such as extended prison sentences and steep fines.

On Wednesday in Las Vegas, Samuel Brinton of the Department of Energy’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Nuclear Waste Disposal since June last year was accused of stealing a suitcase and other items totaling $3,670 from Harry Reid International Airport on July 6. This information was provided by an investigator with D.C.’s Police Department.

On July 6th, a woman travelling from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas reported one of her bags missing containing jewelry worth $1,700, clothes valued at $850 and makeup for an additional $500. When investigating the incident further with security camera footage, law enforcement observed a white man wearing a white T-shirt boasting a large rainbow atomic symbol design snatch up the bag that matched the victim’s description before quickly escaping out of sight – but ended their search after failing to identify this individual.

On November 29, after receiving various news stories about Brinton’s suspected robbery at the Minnesota airport, authorities decided to take another look into the case as it appeared that the suspect and Brinton had similar characteristics.

After seeing the news reports, the police officer who had wrapped up this case months ago quickly realized that Brinton was connected to it. The authorities were then able to confirm that he had journeyed on the same flight as them to Las Vegas.

The investigator noted in their report that Brinton exhibited numerous suspicious behaviors while stealing the victim’s belongings – a tell-tale sign of thievery.

He went on to explain, “Brinton retrieved the victim’s belongings from the luggage belt and examined the ticket tag. He then replaced it back onto the carousel and scanned for any suspicious onlookers or people nearing his bag… Subsequent to that he snatched it off before scurrying away with it.”

In Nevada, the theft of items valued at more than $3,500 is a Class B felony that carries with it a severe penalty: imprisonment for up to 10 years and/or an exorbitant fine of up to $10,000.

Last Thursday, a warrant was issued for Brenton’s arrest.

Brinton is due to appear in a Minnesota courtroom this month, where he will face similar charges stemming from an incident that occurred at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport last September.

On October 26th, the authorities filed a criminal complaint accusing Brenton of swiping an expensive suitcase worth $2,325 from a baggage cart on September 16th.

Moreover, Minneapolis police used security camera footage to confirm that Brinton hastily took the bag, removed its identification tags and hurried away.

During a discussion with the police, Brinton attributed his bag theft to “fatigue”. Immediately after he was charged in October, the Department of Energy put Brinton on leave without any explanation. The department validated that he was on furlough yet stayed away from giving further information since they do not comment about employee matters.

Republican lawmaker voiced unease, demanding that Americans be given more data on whether Brinton is still obtaining government salaries and if his Energy Department security clearance has been revoked.

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