The era we are living has wholly digitalized. Now people prefer to use the Technology to do work. No doubt it not only saves time but also helps to save resources. You may know the fact that almost everyone uses the Social Media these days. The purpose or reason for using Social Media may differ, but it is true that many people think their lives are incomplete without the Social Media. The Businesses use it as a useful marketing platform and to speed up the process of their success they Buy Instagram Followers and YouTube subscribers etc from various platform for Instagram you can your

Social Media introduction:

We have already stated that many people know about the Social Media platforms. But for those who don’t understand the Social Media let’s take a look at the brief introduction. The Social Media is an active communication channel where people find friends. They can make new friends as well. The Social Media sites help them stay connected to their loved ones even if they do not live in the same country. They can share information, ideas and exchange knowledge with each other. Social Media helps them to know other people’s thoughts and cultures as well.

The Social Media is not confined to making friends. In fact, it is an enormous platform for the Business where they can promote their products and services. It is the platform that helps them find their vast targeted audience. They Buy Instagram followers and Facebook ads etc. to generate leads.

Well, here we going to discuss how Social Media helps people in sharing their stories with the people.

Kimmy Kirkwood’s story of love and loss:

Love is eternal, and the people who find true love are indeed blessed. Social Media played a significant role in keeping Kimmy’s husband Will Stacy’s memories alive after he died in action in the year 2012. He was serving in the Marines when he died. On its 10th anniversary, Facebook launched It made Kimmy able to share her story with the entire world.

Kimmy talked about her love:

Facebook enabled Kimmy to share her story of love and loss with the world. It gave her a platform where she could share her videos, and conversations that keep her love alive even after the death of Will. She said it is like a virtual scrapbook where I can keep my all the memories at one spot.

Facebook as a fantastic virtual scrapbook:

Kimmy said it was amazing to share all the memories with the people. My love story is now on one platform in the form of videos and pictures. Whenever I miss those moments, I go back and read his letters, conversations and watch videos. In fact, I have everything on Facebook which he sent to me. It does not let her feel lonely.

Hence proved that the Facebook is not simply a chatting platform. It can do miracles if used properly. It is a platform where people can share their life stories with the world.