When you are stuck between your responsibilities like work, family and having a social life, it can get pretty hard to juggle through them without feeling overwhelmed. Stress management has become a very popular term in the self-help community. And there are many ways in which you can manage stress, but all of them have one thing in common. You have to keep your body and mind in harmony, and you have to take care of yourself.

If you are wondering how you’re supposed to do that, just read through the rest of the article and follow my advice.

Keep A Tab On The Trigger

You know, you might think our emotions come out of nowhere. What you need to understand about emotions is that hormones and our thoughts drive them. Certain thoughts can make you panic, or they might make you anxious. It is imperative that you recognize these stressors.

According to the American Psychological Association, taking a break from the trigger even for a short while can help you clear up your mind. It doesn’t mean you have to shy away from your duties. It just means that you should take care of yourself or else your stress can become a full-fledged psychological disorder like depression.

Keep A Tab On The Trigger

Change Your Eating Habits

We are what we eat, and this commonly used phrase is scarily accurate! Your food not only decides what your weight is going to be, or how much fat your belly is endowed with; it also decides whether you are going to experience mental stress or not. Eating a lot of junk, and especially not eating your recommended fruits and veggies number of portions a day can have a drastic effect on your mood.

Fast foods have a low glycemic index; they give you a rush of energy which is followed by a drained feeling. You are probably going to stuff yourself with it, become over-weight and then fret over it so much you develop depression along with bulimia. And that my friend, is a vicious cycle.

Eating more fruits with antioxidants can aid you a great deal if you are struggling with depression.

Change Your Eating Habits

Get Rid Of Addictions

I do not mean to mock, but it is funny how something that is intended to reduce your stress can end up increasing it in the long run. People start smoking cigarettes and drinking for fun; soon they start needing to have fun when they are stressed out. It is just the perfect getaway, and before you know, you become a junkie. Addiction of food, drugs or alcohol is the same; it’s all substance abuse.

The Mental Health Foundation has explicitly instructed to refrain from drinking or smoking if you are stressed out. It is not the lane you want to go down again and again to fix your real-life problems.

Get Rid Of Addictions

Try Medicinal Herbs

I am always up for anything organic because it is rarely harmful. If you are stressed, many herbs can help you refresh your mind and feel better. Lavender, for instance, is popular for its aroma. If you light up a lavender scented candle while reading a book after a long day, you would feel less stressed.

Or, you can also smoke some raw, unprocessed pot. I am not suggesting that you become a junkie. Cannabis has a chemical named cannabinoids in it, and these little fellas can make you feel good! Your stress will become much more manageable if you occasionally smoke a strain or two of the pot. Lotusland Cannabis Club may offer you the best medical marijuana in this country if you are from Vancouver!

Try Medicinal Herbs

Hit The Gym Or The Mat

Physical activity is an energy outlet. When we are stressed, our brains make us believe that we do not have the energy to put up with anything. That’s untrue. Because once you eat less but healthy, and try to keep a positive mindset, you’ll find that you need a physical outlet for all the energy that is inside of you. The best way to do that is by hitting the gym. If you love working out and lack a social life, the gym is where you’ll find your abs and friends, and lose your depression.

If lifting weights and doing farmers’ walk is not your muse, then maybe you should try yoga and meditation. I am sure it would help you out a great deal, and you will become a happier individual.

Hit The Gym

Seek A Counselor

You don’t want SSRIs to calm yourself down, do you? See a counselor and talk everything out before it puts you in a depressive state. Prolonged periods of stress are a red flag! It might mean that you are developing chronic depression, and it is best if you nip it in the bud.

A counselor can understand you and observe your personality and point of view in an unbiased way. They are capable of letting you know your flaws, and they can persuade you to let them help you with fixing them. See a qualified counselor, and I guarantee you will be impressed by the results in just a couple of sessions.

Seek A Counselor

And, get a life!

Don’t think that venting your emotions is mushy. Trust me; it is not. We are social animals; Homo Sapiens prevailed over Homo Neanderthals and other species only because they could form a better social system! You cannot escape the society, and while it burdens you with the problems that cause depression in the first place, having people around is the only thing that will help you feel related to and understood.

get a life

Make friends, go out with them and if need be: share your problems with them. Trust me; you will feel so much better! Talking your last breakup out with a friend at a bar is much better than being a lonely alcoholic!

At last, I want to let you know that many people have gotten over their stress, on their own. So, it is for you to figure out how you are going to handle your steps, and what positive changes you need to make. I wish you good luck!



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