Despite the old adage, we can’t help but judge a book by its cover – which is precisely why the fashion world has become such a mass industry. What you wear has become an extension of your personality, which can make people intrigued enough to appreciate the book from afar, or to open the book and get to know more. Whether you’re a teenage girl with a closet full of discount dance costumes, or a young man with a couple of suits and cardigan trousers, style most likely plays a big part in your life. The following text will represent style tips that are currently trending.

1. Stripes

 Long, winding cloth pants ending in flared bell-bottoms can be a carefree yet elegant style for the upcoming season. Pair them with a simple shirt and some platform shoes to make a fashion statement that people will find interesting. Top designers for Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and The Shoebox swear by the persistence that striped pattern outerwear has had in the past several years. They’ll continue to be a thing – you can bet on it.

2. Men and Suits

Men and SuitsNothing – in any season – beats a man in a well-tailored suit. There’s just something about the look that’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Whether you want to resemble David Gandy, or you’re modeling a look inspired by former professional footballer, David Beckham; you’re sure to capture the attention in any room you walk into when you’ve got a suit on.

A note for the debonaire: always try to match your shoes with your belt, and avoid wearing too many colors unless that is specifically the style you’re going for. A great resource for men’s fashion styles is simply checking out what your favorite athlete or movie star is wearing to a certain event. You don’t have to buy an Armani, of course, and can find the same style with a brand within your price range.

3. A Range of Shoewear for the Ladies

Shoes are to women what ties are to men – you can never have too many. Knee boots and leather slip-ons are usually an option for the cooler weather, but they’re so fashionable that you can find women wearing them even during the summer. Pointed-toe mules are flying off the shelves; with the kitten-heel variant a favorite companion to jeans and cropped flares. We could go on forever about shoe choices for women as well as for men, as there’s a fair bit of overlap when it comes to sneakers and boots.

4. Accessories

Accessories styleA simple clutch purse can change the entire dynamic impact of your attire; you can go from casual to business casual in a heartbeat. In fact, there’s a new trending style known as “easy elegance” that’s catching fire, where ladies pair a flowing, casual look with accessories that add a business-like touch to the overall ensemble.

For the fellas, a good old-fashioned classic watch can turn your style upside down. It’s an enhancement no matter what else you have on – for the most part. Ankle bracelets and wooden wrist bracelets have also become a thing, and tend to go well with earthen colors and grays.

5. Dressing for Events

There’s a bit less leeway here – but you can still show off your unique sense of fashion. For the ladies, long elegant dresses always work for engagements and galas; as do suits for men. You can mix it up with striped patterns as a nod to the contemporary style if you’re confident-enough.

Fashion choice also depends on whether the gathering is in the evening or during the daytime, as you can even wear shorts and be considered well-dressed in the latter scenario. Take the measure of the intended event, and dress accordingly.