Furniture is an indispensable part of life. With the continuous development of the times, a variety of new materials and new technologies have been discovered and utilized by people for the amenity of life. The acrylic material is one of them in this case.

Acrylic, a new type of plastic material as transparent as the glass, is widely used in our daily necessities. Acrylic furniture, such as computer desks, organic retro chairs, and acrylic stools, are also common in our daily life. While among them, the small acrylic table is the most widely used, no matter for home decoration or outdoor display.

Features and advantages of small acrylic table

The acrylic glass coffee table is as transparent as crystal with light transmittance over 92%. Not only that, but the acrylic table also has a powerful color effect, you can dye the table with the color you like.

Before getting to know the acrylic glass coffee table, let’s look at the materials that it is composed of. The acrylic plate used for the acrylic glass coffee table has excellent stability and resistance to various chemicals. Its wear resistance is close to that of aluminum. Therefore, the clear acrylic table is wear-resistant and durable, with long service life.

In addition, acrylic is the best new material that can keep itself clean. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic acid is superior to ceramic materials in flexibility and glossiness. Usually, a little ordinary toothpaste can be used to make it as clean as a new one.

The acrylic table is not only exquisite and durable but also environmentally friendly. Its radiation line is similar to the radiation level of human bones, which does little harm to human health.

Usage scenario


House: The acrylic table can be placed in the living room and study room as a small tea table. Transparent materials of glass can meet different family decoration styles, furnishings at home without any sense of disobedience.

Moreover, the acrylic table is small and light. You can even move it to the balcony. When the acrylic glass coffee table is placed on the balcony, it is not as serious and regular as the family study, but giving out a sense of relaxing and real joy. Its small and customized size allows it to be put on the narrow balcony.

With a cup of coffee at hand or on the desk, you now have a good opportunity to enjoy life in a leisure corner.

Company entertaining area: The transparent and bright acrylic glass coffee table placed in the leisure area creates a high-level and commercial atmosphere as a whole. Books on the feet and coffee on the table could help your employees find a balance between work and life, and a way to coexist between the team and themselves.

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The transparency of the acrylic material determines its high compatibility. When it is placed in the outdoor lawn and under the shade, the acrylic glass coffee table finds harmony between rustic nature and modern design. Moreover, the acrylic board’s high performance in keeping clean also makes the table more durable in an exposed area.


There is a kind of acrylic table from Fuhui making a hit recently. The Acrylic Plexiglass Book Coffee Table, with novel design and soft color, enables you to maximize the use of space by putting coffee on the top and books at the bottom. The upper part of the table is a flat acrylic surface; an inclined surface is used to connect the top part with the lower W-shaped shelf, which can be used as a place for books and magazines. The transparent color produced by the acrylic board shows an advanced texture under the atmospheric and straightforward design.

With so much knowledge about acrylic glass coffee tables, if you still have OEM requirements for acrylic tables, please don’t hesitate to corporate with Fuhui. Fuhui focuses on the OEM service of high-end acrylic products and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products at the same time as strict self-discipline.

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