The coffee table is a vital part of our living rooms and pantry in offices. Being a centre of attraction, a coffee table should be elegant and beautiful, as it adds to the aesthetics of the space. One can always style his or her coffee table with several things. With a wide variety available, it becomes intimidating for one to decide how to design the coffee table. 

5 Ways to Style A Coffee Table

There are several ways to style a coffee table. Koala Living, a furniture retailer in Australia, has curated a list of the five best ways to style your coffee table:

1. Keeping the corners of the modern coffee table balanced 

Generally, people tend to go for very fancy coffee tables which are ultra-delicate. Instead, one should focus on using the approach of keeping the corners of the coffee table balanced. The objects placed at the coffee table should be held in such a way that all four corners are adequately balanced. One can always keep four different objects at different corners but has to keep in mind the weight of the various objects. The visual weight needs to be balanced in such a way that a single corner shouldn’t carry heavyweight. 

To make the corners more presentable, one can always add colourful flowers or place something beautiful in the middle of the coffee table. Some ideas of the things which can be kept in the middle can be a simple flower pot, a glass cut piece, a pretty bowl with shells in It etc. 

2. Simplicity is the key

Instead of investing heavily on a coffee table, one should keep the coffee table simple such as a plain round coffee table. Nothing beats a simple yet useful coffee table at the center of the living room. In the décor world, the saying ‘Less is More’ applies to the core. Keeping the coffee table simple helps the place to have more space which results in less clutter. 

Also, one does not need to be tense throughout to keep shifting the coffee table from one place to the other. The simple round coffee table is less prone to hit your small kid or pet in the house. The simpler the coffee table, the more elegant it’s going to look. Also, the colour of the coffee table should be very sober and light. There are times when people go for dark shimmer colours which gives a very tacky look to the living room, avoid that!. 

3. Style the coffee table with your favorites 

 Style the coffee table

What’s better than decorating your coffee table with all your preferences at one space? You can always group several things into just one arrangement such as you placing your favourite book, a tall vase with flowers kept inside it, a sculpture, glass cut piece, or a plant. 

It is essential to arrange your favorites properly in a neat fashion. One more thing for which you need to be careful is that the colour of all the items kept on the coffee table should be matching. Colour coordination is eye candy and makes the coffee table more attractive. Hence, focus on keeping the colours remarkably sober and light. Sober colours add to the overall look of the coffee table and the surrounding decor. 

4. Arrangement of things in an orderly manner 

Be it a single item or several things, arranging them in proper order is very important. Especially when styling rectangular or square coffee tables, the arrangement of things kept on the table is vital. Arrange the objects in such a manner that all the items are correctly visible and can be taken out and kept easily. There should be enough space on the coffee table so that one can keep extra temporary add on things on it without actually creating a mess. 

The objects kept on the table should be unique. For example, if you plan to keep a set or notebook, then don’t keep a variety of different notebooks just because you love diaries. Stick to one category and keep different objects without repetition. At no point, one should feel that the objects kept on the table are competing with each other or piled up with particular stuff. Each object has its importance which should be visible by the order in which it is kept.

5. Style the coffee table with a statementpiece


One can use either of the approach mentioned above, such as either placing the things in an orderly manner, keeping the coffee table simple and elegant or styling the coffee table with all the favourites. Just an add on is a style piece. Keeping an object which is more significant than all the objects kept on the table and is different from all the objects garnishes more attention and gives an altogether different look to the coffee table. This large object forms as a statement piece on the coffee table making it look more appealing and attractive

Hence, investing considerable time setting up the coffee table is essential as it speaks volumes about the entire place. You can get your creative ideas and fuse them with the ones mentioned above. It’s undoubtedly going to be the best combination ever! 

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