Children get especially excited when they see the summer camp marketing for the activities they know they will enjoy during the summer. Children always find the energy to compete with each other even in the most basic tasks like who will make it to the dinner table first. Children should bring this spirit of competition to their summer camp where they can participate in games that can help enhance both their overall physical and mental wellbeing. The best part is that they will be able to enjoy the time they spend playing these games and have fond memories of this time as they grow older.

1. Grappling With Gravity

You can pair up the players to create teams with two players in each team. Each team will have four balloons that they must keep up in the air with just one hand with the other hand tied behind their back. Two different teams can play against each other to challenge each other to see which team can keep the balloons in the air for at least a minute. You can add balloons or expand the time to 90 seconds to increase the overall difficulty level of the game.

2. Outdoor Vocabulary Game

You can write down a single letter on the inside of a cereal box container to form the vocabulary that will be used to play the vocabulary game outdoors. Once you have all of the letters of the alphabet, two players can challenge each other to play a game like scrabble on the floor. You can have a judge that decides which words are going to be used to play the game. The judge can also help decide how much time is given to each player to make sure that each player has enough time to guess the right word.

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3. Tug Of War

This is one of the favorite games for children and they always look forward to playing this game with their friends and colleagues. Make sure to use a thick rope if younger children are playing because this way they will be able to get a good grip on the rope without hurting their hands. Alternatively, if a thick rope is not available make sure that the children wear gloves and avoid placing the weakest link directly in front of rivals. Tie a handkerchief or a ribbon in the middle of the rope to see who can pull it to their side to secure their win.

4. 666 Ping Pong Shoot

You will need 6 ping pong balls, 6 solo cups, and tape or water. This game can help develop skills of hand-eye coordination, strategy, and composure. Two teams play against each other to set up the 6 cups in any pattern they like, for example, a circle, square, or pyramid. You can put tape at the bottom of each cup, or water, to make sure the ping pong ball stays inside once in.

Two teams can play against each other to place the cups on the floor and then shoot the ping pong balls into the cups from a set distance. The team that successfully completes the task within the shortest period of time, wins. You can increase the number of cups and ping pong balls to increase the difficulty level of the game.

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