If your business is not as popular as you want it to be, the reason is probably you. It’s not meant as a slam or critique of your products or services, but there are things you could be doing to bring more customers to you. Running a successful business is more than just flipping around the open and close sign every day. You must be on board with making your company 21st century compliant. Put these helpful tips into action and soon enough your business will go from drab to fab!

Your Business Needs a Facelift

If your business is still rocking the same look that it had two decades ago, it might be past time to give it an update. Is your building starting to resemble an old library? You can paint the walls, put in new lighting, and make it more technology-friendly. Perhaps your website looks like it was created around the same time the internet was introduced. If you don’t think you can make it stand out on your own because of limited tech skills, hire someone who can. That little extra money that you are spending on these changes will pay off quickly.

Create a Presence on Social Media

If your business does not have an account on every social media site, then you are turning down free advertising and marketing. Create an account for every social media site you can think of and update it frequently. Spending thousands of dollars for advertisements in newspapers is a thing of the past. Get creative and attack social media like the life of your business depends on it.

Remember Your Loyal Customers

It’s nice to give discounts for new customers in an effort to get them in the door, but don’t forget your loyal ones. Put a program in place that recognizes loyal customers. If someone has been bringing their business to you for years, then they deserve some sort of reward (how about a cool cooler gift?). Don’t recognize your new customers if you are going to be sacrificing your old ones along the way.

Retire Your 1995 Toshiba Satellite Computer

If your business network consists of old computers and a couple of ancient servers, you should boost your business with IT services and solutions. They will have your network up and running through the cloud so your data is accessible to you from any device in the world.

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