Taylor Swift is the highest-paid artist in the world.. This is what she earned in 2022!

10 songs from her album "Midnights" topped the Billboard 100

Taylor Swift is the highest-paid artist in the world
Taylor Swift

American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, has become the highest-paid artist in the world , earning $ 92 million in 2022 after the success of her tenth album, “Midnights,” according to a new report from Forbes.

The 33-year-old Swift is also the only woman to make it to the top 10 highest-paid artists in the world, according to Forbes magazine, ranking ninth on the list after Tyler Perry, Brad Pitt, the Rolling Stones, and more. adults in hollywood.

After releasing Midnights in October 2022, the 12-time Grammy winner became the first artist in history to have singles from a single album reach the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Although the album was an instant hit, much of Swift’s $92 million earnings — about 70 percent — came from her back-end revenue, including revenue from streaming and album sales, according to the Forbes report.

Despite its remarkable success in 2022, Swift’s gains still only amounted to half of the extraordinary revenue that Genesis brought in during their stellar year. A $300 million sale of music rights to Concord Music Group enabled Genesis to reach a record-breaking $230 million income for the year.

According to “CNBC”, in March of 2023, Swift is set to embark on a 52-night tour called the “Eras Tour” – with potential earnings estimated at nine figures. It’s expected that this will prove an even bigger year for Taylor Swift than ever before!

As nearly 14 million fans tried to buy tickets for the “Eras Tour” in November, it crashed Ticketmaster and prompted a congressional hearing on the ticket industry.